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09-02-2010, 2:24 PM
Roll Pin Punch Sets (12 Punch Set) - Brand New - American Made

Up for sale are some extra Brand New High Quality American made Roll Pin Punch sets featuring 12 Roll Pin Punches in the sizes listed below. These are not just ordinary flat ground punches. These are specially designed punches with a round nose ball / pilot point that fits into the hollow center of the roll pin, which helps prevent damage to the wall or hole of the pin. It also allows the proper alignment of the punch in the roll pin so that it doesn’t slip and cause damage to the work piece (i.e. trigger group, etc).

There’s a guy on eBay who regularly sells Imported 10 piece Roll Pin Punch sets for around ~$40, but a good set that’s made in the USA will cost you a lot more. For instance, if you check out the recent eBay auction 160470980998 from last week, you’ll see where a “well used” set of 12 Snap-On Roll Pin Punches just sold for $107.45 shipped and it had 26 bids. And yesterday another “used” set of 12 Snap-On Roll Pin Punches just sold for $207.45 with 14 bids on it, but this set was in much better condition (eBay auction 220660081459).

All these bids tell me there’s some interest for high quality American made Roll Pin Punches. I have a couple extra sets of these available that are brand new & never used, but I wanted to offer them here first for $60 per set (cash / local pickup) before putting them on eBay. I’d rather not ship them because I’m not able to drive most of the time due to health issues, but you’re welcome to pick them up from me.

If you’re interested in buying / picking up a set, please send me a PM. $60 per set

I’m selling just the punches themselves and do not have any kind of case for them. These Roll Pin Punches are made by the Wilde Tool Company Inc. Wilde is also known as WITCO and they’ve been around since 1927. They produce many types of high quality tools under various private labels, some of which are probably sold at your local tool stores under different brand names. These Wilde punches are forged (swaged) from high carbon molybendenum tool steel that’s properly heat treated to make these tools among the toughest on the market. The punches are hardened the entire length with a tempered striking end. They’re predominate bainite heat treated, which is much tougher than tempered Martensite at the same Rockwell C hardness. Bainite reduces chipping and breakage, which is common with lower quality punches. The heads and ends are fully polished; and the stock is satin finished for a positive grip. The punches are centerless ground with an abrasive wheel (NOT a belt) to insure complete accuracy. They have a reverse taper (meaning punch point to be ~0.005 larger than back of punch) which eliminates the punch from sticking in the workpiece. These punches are also manufactured from hex stock steel vs round stock steel, which helps to stabilize the punch when you set it down so that it doesn’t roll off your work bench or away from you. Here are the specifications on these punches…

Point Size Pin Length Overall Length
3/32..........1-1/2 ........3-1/2
5/32..........2-1/2 ........4-1/2
5/64..........1-1/2 ........3-1/4
3-16..........2-1/2 ........4-1/2
7/32..........3.............. 5
1/4............3-1/2 ........5-1/2

Examples of Roll Pin Punch (RPP) use in the AR15….
Use 1⁄16" RPP on the Charging Handle Latch Pivot Pin, the Ejector Retainer Pin, the Windage Drum Roll Pin & Trigger Guard Roll Pins.
Use the 5⁄64" RPP for removing the butt plate door plunger retainer pin and the gas tube roll pin.
Use the 3⁄32" RPP to remove the forward assist assembly roll pin.
Use the 1⁄8" RPP is the correct size for the buffer retainer pin.
Use the 3⁄16" RPP to set the rivet securing the upper sling swivel loop.

Here are some pics of what the end of these punches look like in case you're not familiar with a Roll Pin Pin Punch.

09-02-2010, 3:42 PM
How much for the set?

09-02-2010, 6:07 PM
$60 for a complete set of 12 punches in the sizes listed above.

I have 4 extra complete sets left out of the 5 sets I have for sale.

09-03-2010, 9:03 AM
I've reduced the price down to $60 / set :cool2:

I'm now down to 2 sets left (from 5) :eek:

My son is home today and can help me ship them if you're not local to me. Just send me a PM and I'll get you a shipping quote.

A well used set like this just sold on eBay for $107.45 (eBay 160470980998 ) and a very nice used set just sold for $207.45 (eBay 220660081459). Copy / paste these eBay auction numbers into eBay's search and you'll see these auctions for yourself.

These Roll Pin Punches are high quality tools made in the USA and they're brand new / never used, unlike the 'USED' punch sets that just sold on eBay days ago for a heck of a lot more money. Whatever doesn't sell here by tomorrow goes on eBay.

09-03-2010, 10:48 AM
All the extra punch sets are spoken for :eek:

Nobody has actually given me any money yet, but all the punch sets are spoken for and I trust that people will be picking them up between now and Monday evening. I'll hold the punch sets through Monday evening (September 6th), but after that they go back for sale if I do not receive payment by Monday evening.

If you're still interested in one of these punch sets and did not get one, please send me a PM and I'll let you know if somebody backs out. First come first serve.

Have a GREAT Labor Day Weekend !!!