View Full Version : questions regarding scout scope setup...

09-01-2010, 11:00 PM
Alrighty, i think i need a better scope for my mosin. this particular rifle is better then the scope. (fleabay $40 2-7x32)

Been looking at these older burris scopes, but appearantly there were two versions made, the intermediate and the extended eye relief.

Lost on an auction for a IER 7X burris (darn near got it; still pisses me off)

But i wonder if the EER's like these will work too:


Thing is when i put the rifle in a rest, and turn my head just a bit the croshairs seem to walk from the left to the right over the target at 100 yards.

I know about the importance of putting your head behind the scope in the exact same position everytime you take aim, but this seems to be a bit extreme,if i turn my head from left to right the croshairs or the target (whichever way you look at it) move about 3 to 4 MOA.

Is this inherent when using a scout scope compared to a regular rifle scope??
Am really curious about this..

So i'm Looking for a good quality mosin scout scope in the $100 price range, so that's why I focussed on these vintage burris scopes. would these scopes do this (what i described above) as well?

thanks for the input guys.