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09-01-2010, 6:41 PM
Hello CalGuns! I am firstly here to try to get help with my G-Pal problems but I still think I may stay once that unpleasant business is concluded. There is a lot of good gun information on this message board and I have enjoyed reading through many of your threads particularly the AK47 construction threads. Very interesting stuff!

SoCal Bob
09-01-2010, 7:38 PM
Welcome, and I hope you stick around.

09-01-2010, 9:21 PM
Welcome to Calguns!

Wicked Pete
09-02-2010, 7:07 AM
Welcome, welcome. You mentioned a G-Pal problem, I am curious how you sent or sold a firearm from France? Don't they have a bunch of laws (as we do) that restrict sales? Just curious. Hope to see you on the forums.

09-02-2010, 2:09 PM

09-02-2010, 5:23 PM
Welcome to the forum