View Full Version : iron sight calculations for socom or scout

09-01-2010, 6:12 PM
Any body out there calculate the sight ratios for the socom or scout...the sights on them are for a standard m1a or m14 where one click is one minute and that is for thea 22 inch barrel and as they are now one click is more than a minute...

The scout is 18" and the socom is 16...same with the windage...?

Then the front sight width, either standard at .70 or a national match at .062 be too wide on a socom or scout.....

I know that there are aftermarket accessories that provide a taller sight bases and 1/2 minute elevation wheels but that only partially address the adjustability of the two...

so...what is one click equal to? I am hoping that someone with a pencil sharper than mine has this already figured ....?

09-01-2010, 6:17 PM
that my friend is perplexing...well 1 degree is 60 minutes, so you could probably extrapolate something like:

18/16=1.125= 1 1/8 min?