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09-01-2010, 4:07 PM
I have a Beretta 84 that I have owned since the 70's that I want to sell. It has two 13 round magazines. Since I cannot sell it with the magazines in California, I am wondering what would be the best way to sell it.
1. Buy a used 10 round magazine and sell the 13's online to someone out of state?
2. Sell it with no magazine and sell the 13's out of state?
3. Are there other options that I have not considered?

09-01-2010, 4:17 PM
Take the magazines apart and sell it as a "parts kit"

Perfectly legal

Now...i THINK the gun is required to have a magazine (10rd) for sale so the buyer can demonstrate the use of the fireaarm to the FFL

09-01-2010, 4:19 PM
Ask your ffl if the gun requires a mag. If no, Then sell the gun and your magazine "partskit" to whoever is willing to buy...make sure they understand the CA law of large capacity mags so they don't get themselves into trouble.

From there it would be the buyers issue to do what he may with them, but legally they must be made into 10 rd mags if they were to be used in CA (it would be illegal for the buyer to reassemble these mags back to 13rd)

Someone on the forum here may buy them or it would be a good idea to sell them out of state. Or sell only the mag parts kit on here. And sell the gun seperate

09-01-2010, 5:51 PM
or, if you're lucky you may find an LEO who wants to buy it...they can buy it high cap mags and all