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05-11-2006, 1:28 PM
You are cordially invited to a "Meet and Greet" with your Assemblyman Ray Haynes. This is your chance to discuss issues that affect law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen in your community. The NRA Members' Council of the Inland Empire (http://calnra.com/cgi-bin/haasmcshowwebpage.cgi?mc=inlandempire) will also be in attendance.

Thursday, May 25, 2006 at 7:00 PM

Details at :
(Including map link to event location)

We hope you will take this opportunity to share your ideas and find out what you can do to help support our Second Amendment rights. THIS EVENT IS NOT A FUNDRAISER.

National Rifle Association

05-11-2006, 3:39 PM
Everyone who is a gun owner should let him know about what the DOJ. Declaring off list receivers AK's and AR's but not listing.

05-12-2006, 1:34 PM

What kind of turnout do you normally have at these meetings?

Ray Haynes is a great guy!

Depends on the area, the candidate, current local issues but normally pretty good. In addition to the local Members' Council (MC) pumping the event, NRA sends out postcards to the members in the areas local to the meeting too (last one I had was mailed to 6000 members!), so there should be lots of notification for each meet & greet. I would think Haynes would get a good turnout - if you live in the area, please attend if only to show your thanks to a lawmaker who has served us well. Unfortunately, he is term-limited out but let's keep him in government!

(BTW, IMO, term limits have been devasting for gun-owners. A real disaster. Now we work hard to get a pro-gun candidate elected and 4 years later, we not only lose that person, but have to do it again, risking losing the seat to an anti. Such reactionary measures end up hurting the side on defense more than the powerful, who find it easier to move, for example, from Assembly to Senate. Bad for us.)

For those that are curious, CA Meet & Greets come about by the local NRA Members' Council volunteers working closely with both NRA staff and campaigns to FIRST (and foremost) get the candidate an NRA-PVF endorsement. This is a prerequisite. Getting endorsed is a process:

1. First get the candidate to fill out an NRA questionaire

2. Possibly, also fill out a survey produced by the local MC, who also assimilates any background on the candidate

3. All input is absorbed by NRA staff who evaluate each submitted campaign and grade the candidate.

4. If an endorsement ensues (a good grade is not enough in itself), that candidate can then receive NRA/MC support. NRA in the way of money, supporting meet & greets with advertising, advising the campaign, educating the candidate, etc. MCs probably have a hand in some of that, and also arrange and staff the meet & greets, precinct walk, man phone banks - any kind of hands on footwork the campaign might need. (Generally, the bigger an MC, the better they can organize and perform these kinds of tasks. Please volunteer at http://calnra.com/volunteer and JOIN OUR ARMY ON THE GROUND!)

State elected offices (assembly member, state senator, governor) and all federal elected offices are automatically sent questionaires by NRA. (BTW, those candidates that fail to return the questionaire, filled out, receive an automatic "F" grade.)

But using this process, it is possible for local MCs to get NRA-PVF endorsements (and support!) for local candidates like city council, mayors, sheriffs, etc. But we have to remember that NRA makes the decision, always.