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08-31-2010, 10:03 PM
My :happybday: is fast approaching so I decided to treat myself to a new toy . I had a set budget and was determined not to go over it.

I walked in with expectations of being able to bargain down a Ferrari of a rifle for the price of a Toyota :nuts:. Yeah I know I was way over my head but you can't blame a guy for trying :rofl2:.

That is why I love these guys, they put up with my crap because they know customers come in all sorts of different varieties and flavors while other places would probably have wanted to do this to me :65:. Regardless if you're a cheap skate (like me) or a millionaire Ophthalmologist that can afford to buy everything inside the store, they treat you with the same level of respect because to them a customer is a customer. David was the one helping me out. He worked on my budget for a while :iggy: and came up with an awesome rifle upper. I didn't walk out with a Ferrari like I hoped to, but I did get myself a very nice Mercedes for the price of what would have gotten me a Toyota at Ammo :mnl: <-- get it? lololol

Riflegear is the epitome of how one should run a successful business. Kudos to David and the staff over at Riflegear. Keep up the great work!

08-31-2010, 10:12 PM
+1 from down here in SD!

08-31-2010, 11:08 PM
I was in there for the first time today and was very impressed with the staff. Very friendly guys that are willing to help. Whether it's for just a couple magazines or possibly a tazer for a 13yr old girl. I will definitely be back.

09-01-2010, 7:16 PM
I put your upper together tonight, it turned out very nice. :D

09-01-2010, 8:04 PM
I put your upper together tonight, it turned out very nice. :D


09-01-2010, 8:21 PM
I agree!

09-02-2010, 8:00 PM
Hey David, just picked up the upper a few hours ago. I must say, it is one sexy beast. Thanks again for all your help.

09-03-2010, 5:46 PM
Thanks Rec... we'll have the rest of it done soon... bring your stock parts with you on pickup day and I'll install it for you real quick.