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05-10-2006, 8:07 PM
Well, first time I have set foot in this forum, and I have a couple of questions. Over the summer and next year, I plan on really getting into WWII and earlier military firearms. the ones that are currently on my list are:

Mosin 91/30
Lee Enfield

So, I know for the Mosin and Mauser, Big 5 is probably the place to go, but what about the rest? And yes, I am away that a decent G-43 could run me as much as the rest combined.

Oh, and I am looking for shooters, except for the G-43, I need a display gun first :D

Thanks for the help in advance.

05-10-2006, 8:24 PM
Well if you don't already have one (assuming you meet the age limit of 21), you NEED to get a C&R license. Even if not to purchase firearms, the dealer savings you get from places make it that much more usefull. As for the firearms, most of those can be gotten in a WIDE price range. What you need to do is first determine what you mean by "collect". Do you just want to assimilate those rifles in one location and let it be your room, or are you looking for something that is collectible (you can still shoot something you collect).

If you just want a random rifle in a specific series, you can get most of those for less than $200 (close to $100 each actually). Now if you want something a bit more collection worthy, for example if your Arisaka HAD to have the mum intact (95% of these were ground off when they were surrended, just like the Swastika on the K-98 but for two TOTALLY different reasons) then you are going to pay a premium. Sometimes it's as simple as adding $100 to it, sometimes it triples the value of the rifle. Again it all depends.

So what exactly are you looking for in those rifles? Just shooters to say you have one because they are great, or do you want a collection that you can show off and use? It's hard to explain, but you will understand once you get into it more.

05-10-2006, 9:28 PM
shooters are what I am looking for to start, and no, I dont meet the C&R age limit. the only display version (all matching, etc) that I am looking for is a G43 with the original Z4f scope.

05-10-2006, 10:37 PM
the only display version (all matching, etc) that I am looking for is a G43 with the original Z4f scope.

Good luck with that. There are probably only a handful in the American market that meet those requirments. Considering non-matching G-43s can go as much as a new M1A, then add in a pristine condition one with proper scope...might as well rent in another state, get dual residency, and buy an NFA item because it will be cheaper, easier, and quicker.

As for the rest, well most of those are fairly easy to get.

Mosin 91/30 - Dirt cheap. Big 5 probably is the best place when it's on sale.

K31 - Several C&R vendors still have good quantities in, but I hear they are starting to dry up. You can get one from $60 (AIM's special sales) to about $250 depending on condition.

Mauser - Depending on which one you can find them in the same price range as the K-31. Mausers have more options, and some are more collectible, which will command a premium. Still, other's are dirt cheap and in mass quantity. Just about any C&R vendor will have one in some form or another.

Lee Enfield - While these are a bit harder to find, they are still findable through C&R vendors. It seems these start around $200 for good condition ones. There are several variations, so if there is one in particular you want it might take some searching, but if you just want any one then it would only take 10 minutes or so.

1903 - CMP still has their 1903s for $450 now. If you want a 1903A3, or don't want to go through the CMP be prepared to pay a bit more than CMP. It seems they start around $600 for the ones I have seen. Sometimes cheaper, but not very often.

Arisaka - This will be a bit harder to find. Since you just want shooters in any condition, it may only take a couple days of Gunbroker, or the likes, to find one at a price you are willing to pay. These are about the same price range as a K-98, maybe slightly more. Like the K-98, if it has markings intact, be prepared to pay a pretty penny (starting around $600) and they will not come up often.

SVT-40 - These grab a premium for being semi-auto. They seem to go in the $600 range (usually the starting point of most C&R semi-autos, except the SKS). They come up often enough that finding one on Gunbroker isn't too hard; now finding one in good condition and a price you like might be another story.

G-43 - I hope you like Top Ramen and hate luxuries like heat and rent...For a craptastic shooter with no collector value outside of it's model you can easily pay $1,000 on a good day. The few I see on Gunbroker from time to time hit $2k range and I stop looking. The last one I saw was a VERY good condition one, all matching, etc. with no scope. It grabbed several grand and it still had like 3 days left, which is when most bidding wars happen. I am sure it went for the price of a new car.

Good luck, and welcome to the addiction. Once you get one, you will want more and it will not stop. Your budget will be your only limit.

05-11-2006, 12:36 AM
cool, thanks for the info. I actually know a guy with about 7 G-43s in all matching and 5 scopes, but he wont sell me any of them :(

as for the addiction, I think its already started....

05-11-2006, 9:05 AM
Yeah, mak the top ramen ready, in boxes.:D