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05-10-2006, 3:34 PM
I don't have an off list ar15 lower but this has me baffled. The new DOJ memo basicly says you can't have an pistol gripped ar15 (off list) unless the mag is permantly non detachable as in epoxed into the receiver or the bottom of the receiver is sealed or the rifle is an assualt weapon. Magazines that can only be removed with tools installed are a no no when the rifle has the evil features. Now we go to the sks.
The law states that sks's that are capable of using detachable magazines are illegal assualt weapons. Sks rifles with non detachable mags are considered legal. But the non- detachable mag in the sks rifle can be readily removed with tools and duckbill detachable mags could now be used which would make those rifles illegal assualt weapons. Legal sks rifles are required to have the mag be non detachable but not permenantly attached so why wouldn't the same thing apply to off list ar lowers? It seems as if the DOJ is contradicting itself. Mark

The Soup Nazi
05-10-2006, 3:52 PM
Because its trying to trick people into thinking that it is the way you say it is stated in the memo. It has no legal binding power, and you wouldn't be guilty of having an SKS with the fixed magazine as defined by the definition of a fixed mag in California law. However, the DOJ is hoping they can confuse enough DAs and LEO to perhaps arrest and create a financial inconveniance.