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05-10-2006, 7:31 AM
5-10-2006 "IMPORTANT NOTICE California department of Justice
Information Regarding the Sale/Possession of Unnamed AR15/AK 47 "Series" Firearms
The department of Justice ( hereafter "the Department") has received numerous inquiries from the public and firearms industry personnel about the legality of various AR-15/AK 47 "series" style firearms that have not been named by the department as "series" assault weapons. The Department believes that the public and law enforcement are best served by reference to the generic definition of assault weapons set forth in SB 23, rather than reliance upon a scheme of identifying assault weapons by name. Therefore, the Department will not update the list of "series" assault weapons. "
Thats their answer. See it all on DOJ's Web site http://ag.ca.gov/firearms/forms/pdf/AWpolicyrev4.pdf

05-10-2006, 7:35 AM
Wow, speachless.

05-10-2006, 7:44 AM

Welcome to yesterday.

05-10-2006, 8:13 AM
What does that mean?

glen avon
05-10-2006, 8:21 AM
it means this is being hashed and rehashed on another thread. <sheeeesh>