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08-28-2010, 3:44 PM
A week ago my wife and I finally upgraded to "smart" phones. To say the least, we don't know much about them and we might have made a poor choice. I went with a Samsung Moment running Android and she got a Blackberry Curve as it'll be her business phone and everyone says the Blackberry is the way to go for business. As such, she got the "unlimited everything" plan to make sure all her bases were covered.

My phone has been more or less functional from the first night, easily hooking up to wifi or using the 3G network when no wifi is available. Her phone on the other hand was a bit of a pain to get it connected to wifi and never seems to want to connect to any open wifi(like at coffee shops and such) without hassles. Additionally, it will not do any data transfer without wifi, so while she's out and about, the GPS doesn't work, no internet browsing, no email, you know, none of the useful stuff she needs.

She went to the Sprint store today and they told her that because she has a Blackberry, she needs to buy the "Business package" for an extra $20 a month (on top of the "unlimited" plan...) No one mentioned this to us when we were buying the phones or we would have dealt with it then or chose a different phone. What's the point of have an "unlimited" plan when it actually means "no data"?

The guy at the store today said "For business, you definitely want the Blackberry", but didn't say why. So my question is, WHY is the Blackberry soooo good for business compared to other phones? I've not yet seen it do anything that my Moment doesn't do and mine doesn't need an extra-expensive plan. Other than the headache of switching phones and redoing the plan(however that works), what reason do we have for not switching her to a different phone?

We'll be going back to the Sprint store tomorrow again to make any changes so any information anyone here can offer to help us make our decision would be greatly appreciated!


08-28-2010, 6:50 PM
Based on some pages I was able to find that had any kind of useful information, the two main reasons why the blackberry is better for business are:

1)Security (Android is apparently not very secure)
2)Significantly better email tool. (I don't know exactly what they means as my Moment seems to do email just fine, but I don't do all that much of it)

Still displeased about the whole extra "business plan" thing, but at least the playform does sound right for the job.

08-29-2010, 12:37 PM
Another update:
We took the phone back to the Sprint store and had to start over with a different sale's person. Luckily, this one had a much better understanding of what was happening. It took a little while to figure out, but ultimately, the phone just needed to have the software upgraded or reinstalled. After that, all the things that were supposed to work worked, and without having to buy any extra plan.

Wow. It was a long, annoying road, but at least we are were we should have been a week ago.