View Full Version : Definition of "permanently alter the firearm"

05-09-2006, 4:43 PM
I need the "definition"!!!!!!!! Where can I get it!?


"Individuals who own firearms that meet the generic definition of assault weapons banned by SB 23 must do one of the following in order to comply with existing law: remove the features, sell the firearm (without the features), or permanently alter the firearm so that it cannot accept a detachable magazine."

Many of us have this!!!

"semiautomatic centerfire rifles that are modified to be temporarily incapable of accepting detachable magazines, but can be restored to accommodate detachable magazines, are assault weapons if they have any of the features listed in 12276.1(a)(1)."

I personally think the new memo contradict with "SB23, ch12.8, article 2, 978.20 Definitions (a)" (http://ag.ca.gov/firearms/regs/sb23.htm).

"The following definitions apply to terms used in the identification of assault weapons pursuant to Penal Code section 12276.1:
(a) "detachable magazine" means any ammunition feeding device that can be removed readily from the firearm with neither disassembly of the firearm action nor use of a tool being required. A bullet or ammunition cartridge is considered a tool. Ammunition feeding device includes any belted or linked ammunition, but does not include clips, en bloc clips, or stripper clips that load cartridges into the magazine."

Or.... I see the light!!!

Neither "sport conv kit" nor "home depot nut" nor "mag button w/ set-screw" nor the nice "semiautosam kit" are "detachable magazine"!!!!!

Because, the 978.20(a) definition of "detachable magazine" state that "detachable magaine" = "ammunition feeding device that can be removed redily from the firearm with neither disassembly of the firearm action nor use of a tool being required"....... so with one of the above kit, we DO NOT have a "detachable magazine"....

And the new memo "can be restored", maybe they means.... without a "tool"..... cuz a "with a tool" = "non-detachable".....