View Full Version : cronograph work today

big jon
05-09-2006, 3:56 PM
i did some cronograph work today . i made some match ammo for my pss in 308 i want to do some lone range shooting and my brother told me that i need to use math grade everything, so i did, fed match primers,varget powder,sierria match king 175gr bullets,cleaned the brass primer pocets,made sure the cases were all the right lenth,weighed all the cases and separted them to within .5 of a graine you get the idea. well i think it payed off heres what i got. loaded 45gr varget,175 sierria on top
my brother told me that sd,of 11.18 not to bad,i was glad to hear that because this is alot of work....
side note i made some match rounds for my mod 10 6in 38spc i got a sd, of 11.13 at 1089fps and when i shot the same rounds thry the mod 13 357 4in
i got a sd of 42.76 at 956fps??? my brother thinks that the differce maybe because the cylders are deeper in the mag??
any ways i had a good time shooting today me and the 1886 killed a ton of rocks iam sure they are still shaking in fear of being vaproised with the 45-70 300gr,jhp going 2000fps,that smoke was a rock...
his is a pic of the range i have up the road,we have another area for longer shots,