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05-09-2006, 11:27 AM

05-09-2006, 12:02 PM
If you have a receiver that you acquired on or before 12/31/2004, you can register it as a 50BMG, and later build it up.

If it's a 50BMG-only receiver (say, a Serbu) it must've been reg'd by April 2006 cutoff or destroyed/surrendered.

If it's a generic receiver (say, Fab10 or DPMS single-shot 223 lower) it must've be registered by April 2006 cutoff to have future 50BMG creation allowed. It can be retained without registration for non-50BMG uses.

05-09-2006, 1:20 PM
That letter, the DOJ .50 BMG FAQ page, and the DOJ response to my letter in 2004, all confirm the fact that you can register a lower receiver as a .50 BMG rifle, even if you don't own a .50 BMG upper. The thing that I noticed is missing from all of them is the word "stripped." I think the confusion relates to whether or not a stripped lower receiver is considered fully functional. Their definition below, indicates that a receiver is fully functional when manufacturing is complete:

However only a fully functional serialized receiver that can accommodate a .50 caliber upper receiver can be registered. A receiver is "fully functional" when manufacturing of the receiver is complete and the receiver is ready to assemble with other parts necessary to create a functioning rifle. In this example, the receiver is not fully functional. Therefore, the lower receiver cannot be registered.

It seems that their own definition of fully functional above would make this disassembled rifle OK, but they say that this example is non registerable.??

I would normally assume that manufacturing a lower receiver doesn't include installing a lower parts kit. But, if you include that in the definition, I think it removes the contradictions in the DOJ letter.

05-09-2006, 1:26 PM
Yes, this is a long letter and Alison may have slightly messed up in phraseology in one spot. (Remember, she's not a real gun person.)

Bottom line:

.... what they don't want is people at the last minute deciding to register unmilled, unfinished blocks of steel or aluminum as receivers.

.... but if you have a finished receiver that is for 50BMG only, or intended for 50BMG, and you registered it by end of April 2006, you are OK.

The serialized receiver is clearly an independent part of the firearm and would not include trigger or other parts which are separate items. The receiver would be fully functional if you could attach parts to it without further machining.


.... if there is law enforcement contact with you and your 50BMG rifle, and no other problems exist (misuse, illegal transport, other associated criminality, etc.) the rifle will simply be examined to see if its make/model/serial # show up in the registry.