View Full Version : A new contender? RRA Hi-Rise cantilever mount (for AR's)

08-24-2010, 10:19 AM
I'm anxiously awaiting the Nitrex TR-2 3-15x42 scope I ordered from Natchez and thinking about scope mounts.

My first stop was MaxIcon's AR15 One-Piece Mounts page (http://maxicon.com/guns/optics/one_piece/ar15_onepiece_mounts.htm) but it is missing a few of the newer mounts like the new Wilson and Nikon mounts.

Then while I was looking for something unrelated I found this:


Their AR0130T Hi-Rise Cantilever Scope Mount, 1 Inch was of immediate interest to me.

As soon as I get my scope and see what kind of eye relief I need, I will make my decision. I'm kind of hoping that I need a forward offset mount to try the RRA.

Oh, for a scope mount review, I am using a CAA DVSR on an AR and I like it. The main reasons for purchase were forward offset and light weight. It works on both counts and was cheap as well. It seems to be holding zero fine with a heavy Weaver Classic Extreme 1.5-4.5x24 scope on a ~light weight 5.56*45 AR. The bad news is that the first DVSR I bought was defective, it wouldn't properly attach to my picatinny rail, it's base was machined wrong. After returing the first I bought the second at a gun show where I was able to check the base for fit. Everything was fine and no problems since then.

The moral of the story is try before you buy if it's inexpensive Chinese stuff.

And that Rock River mount is made in the USA...

08-24-2010, 2:49 PM
Nice find! Here are a few more that haven't made MaxIcons list yet either:

From Evilbay:

From Primary Arms:

They both appear to be the same mount, although it should be noted that the Ebay version comes with 1" inserts and a railed top cap, while with the PA version you have to pay extra for the top cap. I have one of the Ebay versions, and it's actually pretty solid. Using the included wing nut fasteners, it's almost a QD mount. MAybe not very quick, but it does go on and off the rifle without tools anyway.

08-24-2010, 3:33 PM
That looks nice but they've also got a DVSR look alike on there. I have to guess that it's chinese and QC will be an issue for some people.

I hadn't looked closely in to the Nikon mount but it seems pretty nice and at only $5 more than the Primary Arms, I think I would rather have that big Nikon name attached (but it's probably Chinese as well).

Now when someone starts selling a Nikon look alike (probably made in the same factory) for $35.00, I'll take a chance on that.

08-25-2010, 11:42 AM
It looks like the turret needs to mount forward of the last slot on the upper so I do need an offset mount for my new scope.

I'm probably going to get the RRA but I'll do a little research first.

The Nikon looks cool but the rings only have two screws compared to the four screws on the RRA. The RRA is heavy, 10.7 oz for the standard Hi-Rise mount, probably not much less for the cantilever. The Nikon keeps saying light alloy construction but never mentions weight. The Primary Arms lists 7.1 oz. The AR-PEPR lists 8.3 oz.

Damn, that AR-PEPR is starting to look good again, it's got six screw rings, if only it didn't have those picatinny rail ring tops...