View Full Version : Dist. 10 senate rep

05-05-2006, 10:13 PM
Since Liz Fig is leaving office, there are a bunch of candidates going for her seat representing the east bay in the SF bay area. Anyone know who's the least anti-gun? I know John Dutra is antigun, his web site extolls his support for SB23 and AB106, the handgun lock law. I got some mailings from a big money group in LA promoting Ellen Corbett, but I think she's no better since the mailings were paid for by the National Organization for Women, California Teachers Association, California Nurses Association, and the League of Conservation Voters. Anyone with more info on who's a good choice to replace Liz Fig?

EDIT: I received GOC's newsletter today. It shows the gun ratings for candidates of many state offices. Both Corbett and Dutra got F's from GOC. All the Democrats got F. The Republican candidates are unrated, likely because there's not enough data on them. Interestingly, Angelides and Westly got F rating, but Ahrnold got a D+! I'm voting for Ahrnold.