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08-18-2010, 11:24 PM
Just taking time to say thank you to all of you at Riflegear. I drove from Santa Clarita down to Orange County to see how far I could get the rest of my rifle (a complete lower and a stripped Vltor mur upper) built with the $625 I had in my pocket. Being a complete noob to AR's I asked how best to move forward with my build leaving the most simple drop in parts for me to order later. They figured out with my budget that I could "maybe" afford to have the barrel assembly completed, and some free float hand guards attached to my vltor MUR leaving a rear sight, a charging handle and BCG to put on myself when I could afford it. I said "great" they offered me a few different ways I could go to configure my rifle how I wanted with the budget I had and every time the ending price was 30 to 45 dollars over my budget. Finally the employee that was helping me (I think it was Zack) recruited Matt to help. He was also going to be the guy that would install all my gear. He crunched the numbers pulled some parts and showed me a grand total of $638 just a hair over my budget and 100% manageable. I ended up getting a Daniel Defense cold hammer forged 16' carbine length full barrel assembly matched up with 7' omega x rails. Everything was installed in less than an hour, and they threw in a flash hider they had laying out from an old build, and I was on my way.
Note I was not buying a $2000 rifle, and I'm not a regular that knew everyone by name, although I was made to feel like one while I waited and while I was being helped. For example while I was there the sig rep came in to show the staff their new pieces and on a whim I asked the staff if the rep had the new sig 1911 and one of the staff members got it and allowed me to handle it. (it was pretty sweet btw)
I came in right on budget, I got some freebies, but what I was most impressed with was how much time they spent with me. I had the attention of two employees for at least a full hour and then Matt spent another hour getting everything wrenched on during his lunch, while the rest of the staff kept asking if there was anything else they could do for me as I waited. THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE and you have made a customer out of me until I'm broke (or the wife says no). Thanks for EVERYTHING!

08-19-2010, 11:30 AM
Thank you for the kind comments Jon! We're so glad we were able to get you what you needed. Thank you for shopping with us!