View Full Version : Thinking about getting a TRL-1

08-18-2010, 7:48 PM
I am thinking about mounting a TRL-1 on my Siaga. From what I have read it is about 165 lumens, is this bright enough for medium range at night (100 yards)? says its lasts 2 hours, are the batteries expensive? Is there a better light to mount? I like that I can put it on my glock or AK. anybody have likes or dislikes with streamlight? I found it for $109 seems pretty decent, unless I can find one on here.

08-19-2010, 1:14 PM
the TLR-1 is a good weapon light; its fairly light, compact, and produces a good trade off of throw and flood.

I dont have a Saiga, so im not sure of the mounting options. I had one mounted on my AR @ 12 o'clock location, and do a lot of night shooting. I had the older 110 lumen model and could light up torso size targets @ 100 yards nicely.

I didnt really like the activation system. It was a little sloppy going back and forth; For me being a lefty, i had to switch it 'up' for momentary and 'down' for lock-on. In this instance, the Surefire push-in for momentary is definately better, as its a true ambidextrous.

I've since switched over to Surefire X300 and X200a because of the slightly lower profile, but the TLR-1 is still a good option.

One thing to note, the Surefire X series are extremely underrated, lumen-wise. My X200a is rated at like 60 lumens, but still throws a very bright, tight beam @ 100 yards.