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05-04-2006, 10:01 AM
Im going to Lake Mead on the 1,2,3 of June and we go up a day early to get everything together. I want to try and find a gun shop that sells CZ-52's that might be on the way. we go up and turn off towards henderson - any ideas?

Mssr. Elegant
05-04-2006, 10:21 PM
I don't know how far out of your way you'd have to go to drive though Prescott, AZ, but J&G Sales has a big selection of CZ52's and they don't have a problem selling C&R handguns to California C&R FFL's.

I've never been able to find a gunshop near Las Vegas that will sell to California C&R FFL's.

05-05-2006, 5:01 AM
just did a mapquest from the house, and it would be an extra 300 miles or so. but I wouldnt consider that out of my why for some stuff I want ha ha

05-05-2006, 6:12 AM
I agree with trying to make it to J&G sales, i have emailed them in the past concerning purchasing C&R handguns using my C&R and they are happy to assist. I have been to NV gunshows, and no one would accept my C&R for a C&R Handgun purchase.