View Full Version : Bruce Ruff for new Sheriff

05-04-2006, 5:59 AM
Fellow pro-gun, here is my email to Mr Ruff (San Diego County)and his response::)

Dear Mr Ruff,
> I am up north and the least I can do is talk to my
> friends down south and
> ask them to vote for you and send campaign
> contribution. However before I do
> that I would like to ask you three questions.
> 1. What is your position regarding the controversial
> CCW issue in California?
> 2. Are you a Pro-gun or Anti-gun?
> 3. What is your position in the 2A "Right to Bear
> Arms"?

Hi Ray,

I'm a strong Second Ammendment supporter.

I believe a better armed citizenry is a safet

I will ask my campaign manager to add you to our list
of people to remain updated about our activities if
you would like me to.

I'd appreciate your support.

I would be grateful if you took the time to share the
word with everyone you know. There are only 32 days
left until the vote on June 6Th.




05-04-2006, 10:19 AM
hmmm... self proclaimed "2nd amendment supporter"..

He might be for all i know, but i like to hear the words "Yes, i want to make san diego county a shal issue county."