View Full Version : do we buy,sell, trade C&R stuff here too?

05-04-2006, 1:11 AM
ok, since this is a new place dedicated for C&R firearm . so do we buy, sell and trade C&R stuff here or do we do it at the longarm and hand gun section?

and another question i have is about mosin nagent and the surplus ammo. (not my gun or ammo, and i don't know anything about the equipment - my guess is that it's a Big 5 mosin nagent)

my question is when my buddy and i brought out put the nagent to work and fire off a few round, the action will get so tight that you can not open up and eject the empty cartriage. i have to use my foot to kick the bolt open, then i can eject the empty caseing. it does it with every round we fire. it only does it when you try to eject the empty caseing, but feel fine when you close the bolt and get ready to fire off the next round.

seem to work better when we first fire the gun and the action/barrel is still cool. and i check the empty caseing, there is no damage or deform of any kind. look just like and empty caseing. the action feed the next cartriage fine eith no problem. it's the ejection part that's the problem.

is this most likely cause by the gun or the ammo? (in your personal experiance) i know it could be either one and can be argue either way. But my guess is the ammo. it maybe too hot of a load or just completely crap ammo. so what is your opinion?? thx in advance

05-04-2006, 4:52 AM
What you've described is a common problem typically related to not having a clean chamber. The chamber on these frequently are caked with cosmolene and it can be very difficult to get it clean. Here's an article describing the problem in detail and how to correct it...



Mssr. Eleganté
05-04-2006, 5:33 AM
That problem seems to be most common with the Czech "silvertip" surplus ammo in the light blue boxes. Like jmlivingston said, cleaning the chamber really well usually fixes the problem.

Following a suggestion on another forum, I chucked up a .45 caliber bronze brush on a short section of cleaning rod in an electric drill, wrapped a little 0000 bronze wool around the brush, soaked it in solvent, and then went to town on the chamber.

This totally fixed the sticky bolt problem on one of my Mosin Nagants and improved the situation a lot on another one.

Many people also find that switching to a different type of surplus ammo fixes the problem.