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08-17-2010, 12:58 PM
So I've found a pretty cheap price on Nitrex scopes (after rebate) and the one I'm interested in looks like an ~exact duplicate of a Weaver Super Slam scope.

Nitrex and Weaver are owned by the same company and reportedly the Weaver Super Slam and Nitrex scopes are made in the same Japanese factory that makes the Bushnell Elite scopes.

I've seen a few people compare the scopes as maybe not quite as good as a Bushnell 4200 and on par with a Leupold VX-III which seems like great quality for the price.

So far I have been pleased with the Weaver Classic Extreme I got a while ago but Weaver seems to be a bit of a moving target, I'm not sure if I should try the Nitrex.

If there are any horror stories with Nitrex or Weaver Super Slam, please let me know.

08-18-2010, 12:17 PM
Well, I decided to take a chance.

It's the Nitrex TR-2 3-15x42 EBX reticle with side focus (http://www.natchezss.com/brand.cfm?contentID=productDetail&brand=WE&prodID=WE94525&prodTitle=Nitrex%20TR%20Two%203-15X42mm%20Rifle%20Scope%20Matte%20Finish%20Etched% 20EBX%20Reticle).

The feature set is identical to this $520 Super Slam scope (http://www.natchezss.com/brand.cfm?contentID=productDetail&brand=WE&prodID=WE800335&prodTitle=Weaver%203-15X42%20Super%20Slam%20Riflescope%20Side%20Focus%2 0EBX%20Reticle%20Matte).

The price is $339.95 but there is a $100 rebate to make it $239.95. If you don't want a bullet drop reticle, they have a plex version that is $299.95 with the same rebate and they also have similar 2-10x42 scopes if you want lower power (but no side focus).

The only negative I can see from the specs is the weight, they are heavy.

They have the same 94% light transmission of the better Weaver scopes, three point erector system, 4" eye relief, capless turrets and 50 MOA internal adjustment.

Now I just have to figure out the best way to mount it on my 6.8 SPCII AR without feeling like I'm spending as much on the mount as the glass.

I think the Burris AR P.E.P.R. is the front runner right now but I like the looks of the Wilson Accu-Rizer better and I drool over the Bobro mounts. Larue is in the running as is ADM and GGG.

I think I'm going to get the scope in my hands and find the right position on my rifle before I make a decision.

08-18-2010, 9:08 PM
The Nitrex TR One line was introduced before ATK bought the Weaver brand back from Meade. Cosmetic similarities between comparable models would be mostly coincidental, as opto-mechanical design practices change with time, even for scopes made at the same Asian factory. The Nitrex TR Two line was introduced after the re-acquisition and at about the same time that Weaver introduced the Super Slam line. Similarities in optical design features between comparable models are not coincidental. The two brands are marketed differently, however. The Nitrex line is offered to brick and mortar retailers and minimum advertised pricing (MAP) pricing is enforced. The Weaver line is not restricted by MAP and so unusually good prices can occasionally be found on the internet. It sounds like the rebated made the Ntrex a better deal.

I have rarely been disappointed with modern Japanese sport optics. Japanese factories build good performance sport optics, and have excellent quality control.

I tested two early Nitrex TR One models and found the performance to be consistent with the price. I bought the Nitrex 6-20x50 for my varmint rifle and have not been disappointed. I also bought a 8x40 binocular for big game hunting that I really like.

08-25-2010, 8:35 AM
Well UPS surprised the hell out of me and delivered a day early!

My first impression is that it's a pretty nice scope.

It does have some heft to it but I don't have anything to compare it to really.

I helped a friend mount a Super Sniper 16x42 a couple weeks ago and from my memory it was quite a bit lighter but that's no surprise for a fixed magnification scope.

The only gripe I have so far is very minor, the ring that holds the objective lens in the scope tube is offset a hair, maybe 0.005". I think the interior and the exterior of the scope were machined in two separate operations and the centers were off a hair. Since the tubes are thick and heavy I doubt it will have any effect on performance or durability. Looking through the scope all is fine so it seems to be 100% cosmetic and as soon as I put some flip up lens covers on it will be hidden out of sight, out of mind.

Beside that little discrepancy the finish of the scope is very nice.

I really like the pull out turrets. They are clearly marked and the clicks are positive. Since you have to pull out on the knobs before they will turn it is very unlikely that an inadvertent change will occur. Changing the zero is also very easy and done without tools. They might not be as easy to manipulate with a gloved hand as the knobs on that super sniper but I think the trade off is a very good one.

The side focus and zoom ring both operate smoothly. I have no complaints there.

The Eye relief is pretty generous and not very critical, there was at least a 1/2" range that gave me a good view, that Super Sniper was more like a 1/8" range.

I did have to keep my eye very centered, a little left, right, up or down and the image was obscured.

I am putting this scope on my 6.8 SPC AR which has a Magpul ACS stock. I'm hoping the flexibility of the eye relief will lend itself to a good scope picture in many shooting positions from prone to seated to bench with the stock adjustment allowing very bulky clothing and even armor (if I had some). It's a total afterthought but it seems good to me.

I can't say much about the optical quality yet. It seemed quite clear but I haven't had it out in low light. The reticle is an EBX, it has bullet drop lines and their width is evidently a 10 mph wind hold over. I'm not sure how I like it yet, it's my first BDC reticle and it added $40 to the price. I will try to learn how to use it and make a chart for it.

I haven't checked the number of windage and elevation clicks. That seems to be the only deviation from the Super Slam specs so while it says mine has 50 MOA of adjustment I wouldn't be surprised if it is actually more.

Since my goal is to get hits out to around 600 yards with my 6.8 SPC, I think 50 MOA should be enough. I'm considering the Nikon M223 scope mount which is a 20 MOA mount, that would help even more.

I think I made a pretty good choice but maybe I should have saved $40 and got the plex reticle (or maybe I'll get to really like the EBX).

Now I just need to figure out how to get the $100 rebate, mount it up and get it on the range.