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08-16-2010, 8:44 PM
Hello Everyone,

I am new here--been lurking for a few years but now I'm ready to log-in.
Met some of you guys already at Woody's build party this past Saturday in Santa Rosa. Still others might know me from the Weapons Guild. My handle is always the same.:)

Been shooting since I can recall, been building since 2001 and modifying since the late 90's. I have home built 10/22's, AR's (.223/.30r/.22lr/9mm/.308), AK's, 1911's and FN Fal's. And fixed, repaired and modified 100's of others.

I currently have about 7 different AR uppers (pison/pinned 14.5"/DMR/16"9mm/9mm pistol/.22lr/7.62x25) and lowers I am doing, about 5 different AK projects (Bulgy 74/Yugo RPK/Romy pistol/Romy G/PSL, 3 10/22's (2 sheet-metal/1 80%), 2 Fals (std&18"), 3 HK's (G3a4DMR/POF/MP5) 2 o/u derringers, 2 1911's, 2 STEN's and 2 Ruger MKII.......all Kali legal builds. So things in the shop are a bit messy these days.:D

I hail from Northern Mendocino County, from the town of Covelo........and on The Rezervation !!! (Guess, I'm technically a Rez-gunner) And yeah, I'm an NDN, not the dot/East kind-- but the feather kind. As in a REAL, true Native American !!! LOL !!!

I am a builder/shooter and an ex-LEO weapons instructor. Although these days I am mostly just a DAD.

08-16-2010, 9:49 PM
lurking for a few years and just joining up now. You waited to long, but we are glad to have you now. Welcome to the forum.

08-16-2010, 11:00 PM
Welcome !!

Wicked Pete
08-17-2010, 6:56 AM
Welome, A-Ho. I have met a few tribal members from Hoopa. Wish I had kept the names.

08-17-2010, 8:09 AM
welcome to the forum.

08-17-2010, 11:48 AM
Welcome DEF23 ! Didnt get to meet you at the BP see you around.

08-17-2010, 8:37 PM
Welcome to Calguns! We're glad you joined up.