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08-15-2010, 4:58 PM
First off I have read just about every thread I could find on here about C&R ffl's. I am hung up on sec.10 on the application. Nonimmigrant cert of comp., being a US Citizen I dont have to complete any part of that section? And my second question is do you have to list or claim all the guns in your collection prior to getting the 03 c&r? Or are they up for inspection etc? Thanks for the help.

08-15-2010, 6:10 PM
Also an afterthought>> can I apply for the COE at the same time or do I need to wait for the C&R??

08-15-2010, 6:43 PM
I left section 10 blank, some fill in "N/A"

Guns that you collected prior to being licensed are not entered in your bound book unless/until you dispose of them. They are then entered as a normal disposition, with the acquisition portion of the entry indicating that they were owned prior to becoming licensed.

If/when you are called upon for an inspection, do not schedule the inspection at your home. This is an important difference between an 03 and a "dealer" 01/07. The 01/07 may be audited at any time without notice during the hours of business listed on the license.
With the 03, you still retain your full 4a and 5a rights, and do not have to allow an agent into your home without a warrant.
Schedule the inspection to take place at the local BATF field office. Take your bound book and your collection with you. It would be helpful to take a 2nd person to guard your vehicle/collection while you are in the office.

You may apply for the COE at any time. The COE by itself is worthless unless you intend to work at a gun store, and some prefer to wait until they have their COE on the chance that the BATF may not issue the 03 (which would mean a wasted $75 or more for the COE application), but I've never heard of anyone denied an 03... the COE background check is perhaps one level beyond the 03 in that it includes both FBI and CaDOJ checks.... not sure what the BATF does for the 03 checks.

08-15-2010, 6:43 PM
Seems to me I got my ffl first. I put in my log, only the guns I bought using my c&r. On the non immigrant part, if there are no other instructions on that part and it doesn't pertain to you, don't touch it. It has been 4 years that I have had both the FFL and COE.

08-15-2010, 6:49 PM
only the guns I bought using my c&r.
You don't use the license, you are licensed.

This is important.
Some new licensees are under the mistaken impression that the only thing that has to be logged are transactions that are outside of the scope of a non-licensee, such as out of state purchases.
This is not the case.

A face to face sale in a WalMart parking lot is perfectly legal for two non-licensees, but if either party is a licensee, they must log the transaction in their bound book.
Same goes for C&R purchases from a dealer... the licensee still must log the purchase.

From the moment that you receive your license until the day that you allow it to expire, all purchases and sales of C&R guns must be entered.

08-16-2010, 4:46 AM
So cokebottle above you say "take your collection with you" would that mean every thing I owned or just items I got with my c&r?

08-16-2010, 5:08 AM
It means all firearms logged into your bound book, ie all Curio and Relic firearms acquired while you are a licensed collector. No non-qualifying firearms are included.

08-16-2010, 7:39 PM
So cokebottle above you say "take your collection with you" would that mean every thing I owned or just items I got with my c&r?
Once again.... you don't use the C&R, you ARE licensed as a C&R collector.
Technically, you "use" the C&R for every C&R that you acquire or dispose of during the time that you are licensed... even if you purchase from a dealer and go through the normal DROS and 10 day wait.

For the BATF inspection, every gun that is in your bound book, which would be every C&R that you acquired after becoming licensed.

But there is a "game" that some like to play. They'll get their C&R, amass a collection, then allow their license to expire.
At the point it expires, the bound book may be destroyed, and the C&R guns that you own become nothing more than C&Rs that belong to an unlicensed person.

After a year or two, re-apply for a new C&R license, and start a new bound book. That way, if you are a person with a huge collection, you don't end up having to have every one of your guns go through an audit... only those purchased under the current C&R.