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08-15-2010, 8:38 AM
Also is there a term list for these tpes of terms? I understand some of the terms but not all :D

Thanks for the info.

Big Jake
08-15-2010, 8:43 AM
FUD= Fear, uncertainty, doubt. In other words when you accuse someone of spreading FUD you are saying they are either misinformed or outright lying about what they are saying. They are full of s***. Check the new members section as there is a list of all the terms used!

08-15-2010, 8:44 AM
Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt

08-15-2010, 8:51 AM
I like: Fearful Uncertain Disinformation

(well, I don't like it but.....)

08-15-2010, 8:58 AM
Also is there a term list for these tpes of terms? I understand some of the terms but not all :D

Thanks for the info.


For the noobies out there - here's a list of some acronyms that you will see on Calguns. Please feel free to add your own!!!

Note that items in BOLD are specific to (or originated at) Calguns.net.

AAMOF - as a matter of fact
A.R.M.S. - Atlantic Research Marketing Systems
ACOG - Advanced Combat Optical Gunsights (Trijicon)
AD - accidental discharge (although most would argue all AD's are really ND's, as a true AD is a gross mechanical failure)
AFAIAA - as far as i am aware
AFAIK - as far as i know
AG - Attorney General
AK - Kalashnikov style rifle
AM - Alison Merrilees (from the DOJ) note spelling (two r's and two e's)
AOW - any other weapon
AP - armor piercing
AR - AR15 style rifle
ARFCOM - AR15.com
ATF - Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (see BATFE)
AW - Assault Weapon
AWB - Assault Weapon Ban
Ball - ball ammo - see FMJ
BATFE - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
BB - Bullet Button
BF - boyfriend
BM - Bushmaster (www.bushmaster.com)
BOB - bug out bag
BOF - Bureau of Firearms (part of the DOJ)
BOHICA - bend over, here it comes again, also a firearms manufacturer
Brady Bunch - not the TV show
BRD - Black Rifle Disease
BUG - back up gun
BUIS - back-up iron sights
C&R - curio & relic
CCW / CCP - Concealed Carry Weapons permit
CGN - Calguns.net
CGF - Calguns Foundation
CMMG - ??? AR Manuf. (http://www.cmmginc.com/)
CMP - Civilian Marksmanship Program
CMT - Continental Machine and Tool Co (maker of Stag and supplier to many others)
COE - Certificane of Eligibility
CTD - Cheaper Than Dirt (a vendor)
CWS - Cold War Shooters
DD - Daniel Defense
DOJ - California Department of Justice
DFTT – Don’t Feed The Troll
DPMS - Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services (http://www.dpmsinc.com/)
DROS - dealer's record of sale - sometimes used to refer to the 10 day waiting period (e.g., "I just DROS'ed it," etc..)
EBR - evil black rifle
EDC - every day carry
FA - full auto
FCG - fire control group - see HTS
FFL – Federal Firearms License (a dealer)
FMJ - full metal jacket ammunition, usually the base of the bullet is left exposed
FN/FNH = Fabrique Nationale (http://www.fnhusa.com/)
FNG - f-ing new guy (don't use this - it's offensive)
FS - for sale
FSB - front sight block
FT - for trade
FTF - Face to Face
FUBAR - f'd up beyond all recognition
FUD - fear, uncertainty, doubt - bad info
GB - Gun Broker (www.gunbroker.com)
GF - girlfriend
GI - government issue, or gas impingement
GP - Gunpal (a better alternative to Paypal)
GPU - Gas Piston Upper
GT - Golden Tiger (ammo for AKs)
HD - home defense
HP - hollow point ammo
HSC - handgun safety certificate
HTS / HST - hammer, sear, & trigger
IANAL- I am not a lawyer
IBTL - in before the lock
IC - Iggy Chinn (from the DOJ)
IIRC - if I remember correctly, or if I recall correctly
Izzy - Israeli
KAC - Knight's Armament Company
LE - Law Enforcement
LEO - Law Enforcement Officer
LMT - Lewis Machine and Tool (http://www.lewismachine.net/)
LOP - length of pull
LPK - lower parts kit (for ARs)
LRT - LaRue Tactical
Mag – box magazine; ammunition feeding device (sometimes incorrectly referred to as a “clip)
MMG - Monster Man Grip
MI - Midwest Industries
MOA - Minute of angle
ND - negligent discharge
NFA – National Firearms Act
NeRF / NRF - non-rosterable firearm
OAL - office of administrative law, also overall length (when referring to long guns)
OEM - original equipment manufacturer
Off Roster - refers to pistols not certified for sale in CA (http://certguns.doj.ca.gov/)
OLL - off list lower
OLR - off list rifle
OLU - off list upper (like on a FAL)
OP - original poster, the person who started the thread
PC - Penal Code
PITA – Pain In The @--
PM - Private Message
POF - USA Patriot Ordnance Factory
POF - Pakistan Ordnance Factory
POS – Piece Of S---
POST - Peace Officer Standards and Training
PP - Paypal (but note, they are anti-gun!)
PPT - Private Party Transfer
PRI - Precision Reflex Inc.
PRK - People's Republic of Kalifornia
PRK - Pistols, Rifles and Knives (an FFL in Fresno)
RAW - Registered Assault Weapon
RKBA - right to keep and bear arms
Romy "G" - a type of AK
RRA - Rock River Arms (http://www.rockriverarms.com/)
SA - semi auto - ALSO "situational awareness"
SBR - short barreled rifle
SBS – Short Barreled Shotgun
SHTF - shi1 hits the fan
SG - Sportsmans' Guide (a vendor)
SGN - Shotgun News (a gun sales publication)
SNAFU - situation normal, all f'd up
SnQ - shoot n que
SP - soft point ammo
SPR - special police rifle, special purpose rifle
SPF - sold, pending funds
SWS - Superior Weapons Systems (http://www.superiorweaponssystems.com/)
TAN - the "Thread About Nothing"
TIA - thanks in advance
TMJ - Total Metal Jacket ammunition, jacket typically fully encasing the bullet
TPF - ten percent firearms
WTB - want to buy
WTS - want to sell
YHM - Yankee Hill Machine
YMMV - your mileage may vary

Some slang:

Ant Burners - people outside of Cali who like to put us down because of our gun laws
Post Whore - someone who posts a lot (too much)
Troll - someone who posts to get a rise out of other people
Ban - what happens when you break the rules here
Head Janitor (or Janitor) - the owner of the site, Kestryll
Mod - moderator - the folks who enforce the rules here
Tacticool – Something that looks cool, is useless, and was probably expensive
The Right People - the law firm of Trutanich * Michel and sometimes also bweise and hoffmang and artherd and Don Kilmer

:D :chris:

08-15-2010, 11:31 AM
I prefer F***ED up disinformation.

08-15-2010, 3:31 PM
Anything you hear come out of the mouth of anyone who works at a gun store, or "hangs out" there, or is related to/knows someone who matches those descriptions, or any person wearing a badge and a uniform should be regarded as FUD until proven otherwise. If a cop tells you something is "the law", ask to see his code book. If they can't back up their assertions with citations of law, then it's probably flat-out wrong.

And for God's sake don't repeat anything you were told by these individuals to someone else. That would be "spreading FUD."

08-15-2010, 4:24 PM
Thanks for the info. Very much appreciate it.