View Full Version : Just in case you wanted to waste some time

08-13-2010, 4:43 PM
My self (Chris) and a friend (Phil) have been doing a pod cast. It isn't specialized in any one field of shooting or any real topic, kinda more of just two guys sitting around chit chatting about various gun and gun related stuff.

We do focus a bit more on California related topics, because we both live in California.

It is not a "Family Friendly" podcast. We swear, there is sexual innuendo, and most of the time Phil is nude, or not.

Anyhow, if anyone is interested in listening to it and telling us what you think, or how much you hate it, that would be great.

You can find it on your iTunes or Zune marketplace by looking up West Coast GunCast, or you can download the individual episodes by going to http://www.westcoastguncast.com.