View Full Version : Help me spend $700 bucks on a scope.

08-13-2010, 3:29 PM
Hi everyone. So I just bought a Savage 110BA 300 Win Mag and am looking for a scope. I've read through 30 pages of posts in the optics sections but haven't gotten all the info I need.

Uses will be punching paper out to 800 yards (hopefully) and SHTF Red Dawnesque stuff.

Seems like the majority of people out there want a good low end in the 3 to 4 magnification range for versatility. The high end seems up for debate.

Seems like people also really enjoy turrets and side focus. Some like illuminated reticles.

Nikon and Leopold seem popular in the mid ranges.

Does anyone have the perfect scope at around 700 bucks?

Any information would be much appreciated.

08-14-2010, 9:12 PM
$700 will put you on the fringe of quality scopes. a 300WM is sure to warrant a quality optic as i'm sure you'll some day feel the need to see what a 300Wm can do at extended ranges. i personally like leupold scopes, i've had several (and am selling one now ;)) leupold has good glass period. i was never a fan of illuminated reticles- as i've only used the feature once in several years. i find turret adjustments useful when engaging targets at different ranges. side focus is nice if you're shooting at consecutive targets at different distances, but not really needed when shooting for a period of time at one distance. although i didnt answer your question... hopefully you can find something you'll be happy with. better to spend once.