View Full Version : Far West Gun & Supply - Improved customer service?

08-12-2010, 10:15 PM
Far West Gun & Supply in Santa Barbara has always been hit and miss with me. The first time I tried to shop there the bad attitude and lack of help made me not return for a good six months. Even after I returned and gave them another try, it was 'iffy'. They would be helpful to 'regulars' but terrible to people on the phone or newbies coming in.

Recently, it seems like they've really made an effort to improve. Lots of normal (in non-gun stores) and small things that add up. Like thanking someone for calling, wishing people a nice day and showing people merchandise and offering help when they know the person probably can't afford what they're looking at.

Anyways, we share bad reviews of gun stores all the time (myself included) so I thought it's only fair to mention good things as well. Far West has acted in a way recently that I would have no problem recommending friends and family shop there.

That said, Goleta Valley Gun & Supply is very helpful too.