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Jeff Rambo
05-01-2006, 2:59 PM
As the topic implies, list all known spots for unregulated shooting (i.e. BLM) in Northern California.

Edited to add: to clarify, these posts (SoCal, NorCal, and Central Cal) are to help point out quick spots for outdoor shooting that are not in conjunction with ranges. So try posting locations, directions, etc. to the spots you name. Once we have a decent sized list, I will get these all stickied or merged into one post.

05-01-2006, 3:31 PM
Eldorado Nation Forest. 50 east of Sacramento on highway 50.

Not truly unregulated, but close

Follow link and scroll down for regs...


05-01-2006, 9:14 PM
Boggs mountain state demonstration forrest. Its up about 15 miles above middletown on hwy 175 in lake county. Heres the link. www.fire.ca.gov/php/rsrc-mgt_boggsmtn.php
If you go, ask the park ranger where the shooting area is. Its pretty hard to find otherwise. Its not listed on the park maps anymore. I was out there today. Nice quite area. Hardly ever anybody out there when I go on mondays. Had the whole area to myself all day long today. All the people I have met up there have been very friendly and the rangers are very helpful if needed.

05-01-2006, 10:29 PM
indian valley near clear lake, take walker ridge road off highway 20 stay to left there are pigs up there if you know where to look

also cow mountain behind clear lake (popular off-road area) go fourwheelin and stop every so often for shootin

05-01-2006, 11:50 PM
Here are some spots- sorry cant be more specific, just gotta drive around- you WILL find spots to shoot here.

Oroville Range- Oroville rec area out past Airport- Dawn to Dusk only

Oroville hills up in/past Berry Creek
Oroville Hills near Bald Rock and Little bald rock: WARNING- lots of meth heads, and pot growers AND homesteads in some areas

Chico- up highway 32 off any forest service road that aint a private road.

Paradise- in the very very outskirts of the north end of town.

Up Hwy 70 off nearly any Forest Service road as you leave the Oroville area- be carefull- lots of private roads! And some do NOT take kindly to strangers!!!!!!!!!

Beyond Cohassett (chico area) into USFS land past the radio towers.CAREFULL- if you go REALLLLLLLLLLLY far you just might end up on the very southern/eastern tip of the Tehama Wildlife area:eek: developments;

Beyond Forest ranch further north Along Hwy 32- beyond the newer housing developments;

Black Butt lake *may* still have a public range- they do allow SHOTGUN ONLY hunting- and that does include Shotgun for deer.

Out past Paskenta (IIRC) as you head towards M21 or M29 IIRC into the Mendacino Nat Forest....all well past the CDF station (not the closed FS station!)

Red Bluff- lots of smaller BLM plots along Hogsback (IIRC)? and some spots *may* still be available off Jelly's ferry landing road....its been a while since I've been out that way.

Red Bluff- there *was* a public range on the west side/southwest side of town in the flats~ but its been YEARS and not sure if its still there:o

I know there are some spots on the EAST side of Red Bluff but I'll be danggggged if'n I can tell you how I gotttts there!!!!!!!!(Or even how I found my way home!)

Anderson Flats outside Anderson

Some on the West side of 5 near Cottonville-- we're talking MILES though off the beaten path.........

Nearly all of Mendacino Nat. Forest above lake county

Lake Berryessa Area (napa country?) on the North side past the gate.

Redding- more BLM plots on west side of town/ west side of hwy 5
Redding North past Shasta lake- A lot of FS land
Tinity area- FS & BLM Land
Shasta Lake area9s) SOME places to shoot if you got a BOAT to get there.

Lake Almanor- North past town on any of the FS lands to remote areas

Eagle Lake- SOME spots but as you traverse down the backside towards the lake the closer to civilization and houses you may encounter.

WAY north past the town of Susanville near "Skedaddle mountain" on east(?) side of highway when traveling north-- AND DONT PICK UP HITCHIKERS- you ARE near a Prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Several Spots along/off Hwy 80 as you approach Tahoe.....methinks (IIRC) "Soda springs" or "Soda canyon springs" is what my defunct memory is telling me under protest.

theres MORE but I'll save/reserve for further poster!

just ask me what I USED TO do with my 'spare-time' LOL!

05-02-2006, 3:21 PM
If you are camping at or near Pinecrest Lake.. go up 108 towards the summit and turn off at Eagle Meadows.. it's a paved road for 3 miles then gravel/dirt after that. there is a old hydraulic uranium mine from the 30's there.. Perfect for shooting and it does see a lot of action at times.

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05-02-2006, 5:33 PM

:confused: :confused: uranium/. nahhhhhhhh lol!!!!!!!

05-06-2006, 9:54 PM
I won't specify exactly which of the previously mentioned spots I frequent because I don't want my party crashed by uninvited guests... but lemme tell you once you discover BLM land you _NEVER_ go back to the range again.

05-07-2006, 3:24 PM
I won't specify exactly which of the previously mentioned spots I frequent because I don't want my party crashed by uninvited guests... but lemme tell you once you discover BLM land you _NEVER_ go back to the range again.

easy for you to say, since you are within driving distance of one. From my location I'll have to drive 120+miles to reach one and even with my 30mpg car it will cost me a crap load just to get there(at 3 bucks a gallon will cost me a minimum of 24 bucks of gas, and let me tell you, you can buy a lot of 22LR with 24 bucks-1200 rounds of my CCI blazer)...:D

05-07-2006, 10:37 PM
I won't specify exactly which of the previously mentioned spots I frequent because I don't want my party crashed by uninvited guests... but lemme tell you once you discover BLM land you _NEVER_ go back to the range again.

Then your post is almost worthless.

05-02-2015, 9:29 PM
Is the graveled shooting range still in operation at the Jackson Demonstration Forest off of Hwy 120 out of Willits? If it is, can someone give specific directions as to how to get there? I have a friend coming to visit for the next couple of days, and would love to do a little targeting. Thanks.:oji:

05-03-2015, 2:11 AM
Heck of a necropost.

We used to have a more specialized "Shoots, Meets and Range Stories" subforum for a thread like this, but I notice it is now "CGSSA Shoots, Meets and Range Stories."