View Full Version : Scope for PSL. POSP 4-12x42 or IP21 (3-9x )

08-09-2010, 3:18 PM
What do you folks think? My PSL which should be cleared this week came with the standard 4x but I want something stronger than that.
SO I'm stuck with Scope decision for my PSL. I was originally thinking IP21 (3-9x ) or go with a non IP21 scope like.. the following links below?

These are my picks


They also have the fixed power scopes like 8-10-10

or the variable power like this, they have 10-12 power

Your opinions and expertise are welcomed.


08-10-2010, 7:31 AM

10-11-2010, 7:13 PM
I just picked up a 8x42 for a psl build. I got it from combathuntingdotcom for just over 200. I got it in 3 days as opposed to 3 weeks if you buy fom eastwave or kalinka.

My thinking was, Ill never use the adjustability of the 3 to 9 and its not worth 100 bucks more for the extra 1x. Also the 3 to 9 does not have an adjustable focus. A must for people with eye issues. I did look into the 1p21 but I wanted to be able to try and shoot tiny little groups at 100 yrds. With the 1p21 you only get 3x at that range, not to mention its twice the price of the fixed 8x.

10-11-2010, 7:20 PM
1P21 changes POI with zoom. Most target shooters won't like this.