View Full Version : -SPF- Glock 22C Trijicon Night Sights - Like New - SFBA

08-05-2010, 10:44 AM
I have a like new Glock 22C that I'm selling.

This gun has < 40 rounds fired from it, it is my second Glock 22 and I never really took it out. I have Trijicon Night Sights installed on it and it comes with the following:

Glock 22C
Trijicon Night Sights
1 10 round mag
1 15 round rebuild kit/spare parts mag
Glock case + sealed manual packet, reloader, factory cleaning brush & rod.
Factory fired case
cable lock

Asking SPF.

I'm prefer to do the transfer Monday - Thurs @ UG Imports in Fremont in the early afternoon (2-3pm) but I could do Rogers Relics in the mornings, but just about anything is possible.

Fri-Sun I am in Brentwood and could meet at a local FFL.

Anything you see in the pics is lint or lighting/shadows, this gun is like new, just look at the lack of wear on the barrel.



-SPF, SuperFast.