View Full Version : SOLD: 1903 Springfield Sporter & Havoc 37mm Flare Launcher

08-04-2010, 8:26 PM
SOLD: A sportized 1903 Springfield by Rock Island Arsenal, s/n 3666xx. This rifle is in good condition with a rather nice but somewhat bulky sporter style stock and what appears to be a Lyman receiver mounted peep site. The bore is good with what appears to be light pitting or powder residue left over from the last time is was shot.


SOLD: Spikes Tactical Havoc STZ 37mm flare launcher. This launcher is unfired and is in as new condition. I had it mounted on my M4 but never used it. I have a 7" quad rail forend on my M4 and the 12" launcher is just to long to work correctly. It fits okay but it just doesn't look right. I have since replaced it with a 9" Havoc. The launcher comes packed in the original box with the instruction sheet and allen wrench for mounting it to your tactical rail. No 37mm flares are included.


I am willing to ship the Havoc for the cost of shipping but not the Springfield.
Due to the age of the rifle it should qualify for C&R status so no PPT is necessary. I live in North Hollywood and could meet you in the greater Los Angeles area providing I don't have to drive to far or you are willing to drive to my place. The first "I'll take it!" gets the items. Please PM me after saying I'll take it.

Sincerely, Paul Taylor

08-04-2010, 8:38 PM
Ill take the 03

08-07-2010, 10:29 AM
All items are sold!