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08-04-2010, 3:18 PM
1) Colt Gold Cup National Match, 45acp. LNIB, only test fired exactly 21 rnds. 80's Series Model 05870; original rubber grips have been replaced with factory walnut grips (original rubber grips are included.) Beautiful blue finish has absolutely no blemishes or scratches. Also comes with all orginal factory packaging and documentation. Asking $1395. This item cannot be shipped unless the buyer is exempt from the roster.

2) Colt Mustang Pocketlite, 380acp. NIB, never fired, Colt Custom Shop production with factory ivory grips. Comes with factory box, documentation and 2 magazines. Asking Withdrawn. This item cannot be shipped unless the buyer is exempt from the roster.

3) Complete Beretta Cougar Collection, includes 8000, 8040, 8357 and 8045. These are great shooting guns and deserve much more time at the range than I’ve been able to give them. Round count is inexact but estimated to be 100-300rnds depending on the caliber; condition of all four is excellent to like new. Complete collection includes 8000 (9mm), 8040 (40s&w), 8357 (357sig) , 8045 (45acp), two 15rnd 8000 rebuild kits, two 8000 10rnd mags, five 11rnd 8040/8357 rebuild kits, three 10rnd 8040/8357 mags, two 8045 8rnd mags, the and original plastic grips for the 8000, 8040 and 8357. The 8000, 8040 and 8357 have Beretta factory walnut grips installed and come in the factory boxes. The 8045 comes with the limited edition “Cat Pack” grips and aluminum case. Will not sell any part of this collection separately. Asking Withdrawn. Note that all four of these firearms are on the CA Roster till the end of this year.

4) Colt Commander, 45acp. LNIB, 28rnds fired, 80's Series model 04691. Comes with factory box, documentation and 2 magazines. Asking Sold.

5) RIA 1911-A1 CS, NIB, 45acp. NIB, never fired. 3.5" barrel, Officers style frame, low profile fixed combat sights and 7rnd magazine capacity. Two available, never DROS'ed, still at the FFL, selling for a friend who decided to pick up something else. Asking Sold. All transfer fees have been paid for if DROS'ed in Sunnyvale.

6) HK USPc Stainless, 9mm. Used in very good condition, KI date code. Unknown round count but bore is in excellent condition; slide has matte finish. Comes with factory box, documentation and 2 magazines. Asking Sold. Buyer has the option of buying two used LEO marked rebuild kits in good condition, $25ea.

7) Springfield Armory M1A Loaded, 308. LNIB, 20rnds fired. This Loaded model has a NM stainless barrel, NM front and rear sights, and factory tuned match trigger. The original black synthetic stock has been replaced with a Supermatch contour custom laminated stock. Comes with factory box, documentation and 2 magazines. Asking Sold.

8) RRA Complete AR Pistol Lower, NIB. Never fired, 100% RRA factory build complete AR pistol lower half with bullet button and CProd 10/30 magazine. Asking Sold. This item cannot be shipped unless the buyer is exempt from the roster.

9) Colt CAR-A3 HBAR Elite, NIB, 5.56mm. NIB, never fired. Colt Accurized Rifle, the only truely CA legal OLL manufactured by Colt. Features an all new Colt free floating, 24" (61 cm) Stainless Steel HEAVY Barrel with a 1 in 9" (229 mm) rifling twist and 11 degree target crown that deliver optimal accuracy in a semiauto platform. Included as part of the Colt Accurized Rifle design is an all-aluminum tubular handguard with twin sling swivel studs that allow for easy target sling and bipod attachment. Also, the Colt Accurized Rifle utilizes an enhanced trigger group for smoother and more consistent trigger pull. Comes with bullet button and one original Colt 10rnd magazine installed, factory documentation, sling and soft case. Asking Sold.

10) Stag Model 3, NIB, 5.56mm. NIB, never fired. 16" chrome-lined barrel, optics ready. 100% Stag factory built CA legal OLL AR with bullet button and CProd 10/30 magazine installed. Asking Sold. Also available "loaded" with ambi-sling mount endplate, quad rail and MBUS front and rear sights, asking Sold.

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I'll take the USPc 9mm. PM sent

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2nd HK

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BTT, Colt GCNM just added