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08-03-2010, 2:16 PM
Hello fellow gunners. I posted a job recently on craigslist and am just about ready to close applications. But then I remembered about the job board here and thought I'd post here just in case.

I am looking someone with a firm grasp of general accounting procedures and experience with Quickbooks. This is a temporary contract position so I am only anticipating a couple days worth of work. And we expect that you would come to our office rather than us handing off our QB file by email etc.

About my company. A small mail order business that's been in business for over 15 years. I recently convinced the owners to let me get them off pen and paper accounting. I setup quickbooks last year and feel I have done a decent job for someone with no accounting/quickbooks background. The original plan was to launch a full blown ERP but I quickly realized we needed to walk before we run.

With that said, I feel like our charts of accounts could probably be organized better.

I need help setting up payroll... specifically when I'm supposed to file various state/federal reports and when/who to pay what. I currently subscribe to a payroll service through intuit and I thought it would setup the schedule for me so it would just remind me when I'm supposed to do certain forms etc but it did not.

I need help figuring out how to setup sales tax. One of my major concerns is that each county has different sales tax. We sell all over the country as well as just about everywhere in california. We only charge sales tax in CA but it was my assumption based on previous research that we only charge tax based on where WE are not where the customer is... but recently was led to believe this is wrong.

I need help figuring out the proper way to record payments to owners for other expenses like gas, payback from previous loans, medical payments/benefits not on payroll etc. Ideally I'm trying to document as much stuff so reduce our tax liability when we go to prepare our taxes next fiscal year.

Other tasks may include reconciling some bank/credit card accounts. I'm pretty familiar and don't expect to much work in this area... just maybe a few tips whether or not I should enter a boat load of old bills vs just using the write checks feature and being done with it.

To save myself time and to keep things organized I ask that you apply using the link below. If you want to send a quick reply/PM that is fine but I don't want to get application or resume through pm or email.

https://recruit.zoho.com/ats/NewData.hr?digest=*f4dCXj21dK67xtHTTnuYZhu0u.O6brn HqiI8FnfGKXDjI*GeBuYcA--&bgrndcolor=b6e9f6&font=Verdana&headercolor=000000

I have already received an overwhelming response from the craiglist ad. So even though you'll get an automated email confirmation, just remember I will personally review every submission and get back to you as soon as I can. Hoping by around next week.