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Dont Tread on Me
04-26-2006, 7:41 AM
I went to find out what the NRA game plan in California is and what if anything individuals can do. This is a summary of the answer.

I found it more worthwhile than I had expected and I have decided to put some time and money into it this year.

There are 35 million voters in California.
40% are gun owners
3 million people vote. Edit - Major MinorII cites 8.5 million as actual number of voters (still only 20%)

If we can motivate gun owners to vote and write to their representatives then we could stop and then reverse the bad environment for us in this state.

Bad legislation on this year's agenda
There is a variety ranging from serialization of ammo and micro stamping of ammo (all back from the dead) to non-lead ammo. The lead ammo was initiated by PITA (animal rights folks) as an anti hunting bill. If we cannot shoot lead where the California Condor flies then we won't be shooting much outdoors.

Good legislation on this year's agenda
There are bills to completely overturn the assault weapon ban through to funding a CA study on if gun control has worked (similar to Fed report). The NRA is supporting an assault weapon bill directly to allow people moving in from out of state to bring their assault weapons. This is a foot in the door!

Things we can do
Instead of seeing if the DOJ listed each morning, it is suggested that we go to http://www.nramemberscouncils.com/legs.shtml and look for the action needed flags. We then write/phone/fax those working on anti or pro gun legislation each day. Apparently even real anti gun folks get the message when their fax machines run pro gun faxes all day and it takes a couple of days to filter e-mail.

The most interesting point to me was the fighting of anti gun candidates at the most junior levels. Boxter and Feinstein's all start in very low city jobs (e.g. water board, animal control etc) and work there way up (Supervisor, Mayor etc). Stopping an anti gun water board member ensures they won't grow into an anti gun senator.

Join your local council. Find it at http://www.calnra.com.

Major Miner II
04-26-2006, 8:21 AM
At least one of your numbers is way off. In the 2004 general election, about 8.5 million people voted, which is the norm.