View Full Version : WTS - M1A Stripped Reciever - Federal Ordanance - LA/SoCal -SOLD

tracksuit hobo
07-31-2010, 12:24 PM
Up for sale is a stripped M1A receiver made by Federal Ordnance. I know fed ord rifles have a bad rap, but this is one of the earlier "low number" ones manufactured when they were using all USGI parts (which i pulled off) and quality was better than the later chinese part mixmasters.

I had difficulty fitting a scope mount on it, so it has to go. I'm not claiming that this thing is USGI spec, but I had no problems with it (other than what i mentioned) and it performed flawlessly using my iron sights. This thing would be great if you want to build something with rails and/or the usual iron sight setup.


Asking $200

Detailed pics here.