View Full Version : For those with concerns regarding their .50 BMG confirmation notice

04-23-2006, 8:10 PM
Currently there may be issues with your .50 BMG registration confirmation notice. Mine had a different make than I submitted. It was similar but it differed enough that I took issue as the old company with this rifle maker name was sold years ago. The current maker uses a similar but different name.

I'll just include the relevant data here instead of boring you with all the details.

The following is verbatim from the letter I recently received in response to my inquiry regarding the make of my .50 BMG not matching up to what I wrote on the registration form.

The Department of Justice(DOJ) necessarily utilizes the gun make and model codes promulgated by the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) of the federal Department of Justice. Doing so enables DOJ to communicate with the other states regarding gun files such as stolen weapons or found weapons, etc.

Basically what was said in the letter is that what I received on my registration notice is what the NCIC uses for the purpose of their computer system, not the verbatim model and make of your rifle.

At the end of the letter there is this:

You may attach this letter to your .50 BMG Rifle Registration confirmation letter and refer any and all local law enforcement questions regarding this matter to me.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact the Firearms Licensing and Permits Unit at (916) 227-3268.

Cynthia Johnson, Supervisor
Firearms Licensing and Permits Unit

Attorney General

If you have an similar issue you should get it in writing, but if you have the same problem with your registration confirmation this may be it.