View Full Version : southern cali squirrel hunt

04-23-2006, 5:41 PM
anybody know any good place (private, public) for squirrel hunting in southern cali? thanks

glen avon
04-24-2006, 6:29 AM
no. try over at jesse's hunting pages. if anybody knows, it's the folks over there.

whatever you do, don't go shooting in the Mojave Desert for squirrels, as some of them are protected. notwithstanding your opinion of the various ESAs, the fines will really suck if you get caught

05-06-2006, 2:46 AM
Basically, you can't shoot/hunt squirrels until you get into Kern county and are east of interstate 99. The season and range goes north from there. That leaves the Sequoia Nat'l forest to hunt as the southern most part of the state to hunt squirrel, last time I checked the regs.

Problem #2: That area of the forest known as the "Piute Mountains" which is south of Lake isabella, SUCKS for grey squirrels. My friend and I used to hunt them there every year, but unfortunately many people from China town, Korea town, Little Saigon, etc... have shot the crap out of the squirrels up there. The numbers are sooo down.

And I went hunting with the resident game warden to boot!!!! He'd catch so many poachers for squirrels up there. Also, the poachers would hunt over limit during the season as well!

Now, you have to go to central or northen CA. Or better yet, private land somewhere.

Unfortunately, L.A. county, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside counties don't allow the hunting of grey squirrels. I'm almost positive that San Diego county doesn't allow them either. Check to regs to verify that.

05-06-2006, 4:48 PM
There's a definite season and game limit for tree squirrels, if that's what you want you'll have to look up the regs on it. Seem to recall it opening around Sept as fall approaches.

I missed opening last year by ONE FREAKIN WEEK when i went up to Breckenridge to do some camping. Like the previous poster mentioned, they were shot to heck by the asians. Met up with some locals up there who live in Bodfish and they gave me the 411, said the place was crawling with people shooting the hell out of the squirrels which explains why every tree squirrel I saw hauled balls outta there when they saw me.

Now if you want to do some varmint shooting, Ca. ground squirrel is generally open season all year around with no bag limit. Eating them is definitely low on my list of priorities, filthy buggers and I rank their worth below that of a jack rabbit. For them, just about anywhere will do that allows small bore rifle shooting and is safe.

05-06-2006, 4:58 PM
any local place for varmint hunting? Ground squirels? thanks

glen avon
05-06-2006, 5:34 PM
did you try jesse's? if they can't help you there, nobody can.

05-06-2006, 6:31 PM
i'll register for jesse's now and ask some questions. So.. hard just to find somewhere legal to put irons on ground squirrels.:mad:

05-07-2006, 6:18 AM
Ground squirrells are a whole different matter. Any place it's legal to shoot, grounders are on the list. Check out CA DFG for times. If not on private land with written permission from land owner, you must have a hunting license.