View Full Version : Can you 10/25 a 22 Magazine.

07-27-2010, 4:13 PM
Can you block a 25 round 22 magazine into a Ca legal 10 round capacity mag.

Like the California legal 10/30 AR mags.

I'm looking at a Sig 522 at the local gun shop, magazines would be black dog 22 lr.


07-27-2010, 7:04 PM
You are not mistaken, they do come with the 10 round mag. I just wanted to know if you could get a 25 round mag, and convert it into a legal 10 rounder.

Thus maintaining the original look.

There's a magazine that screws together, and I thought you could add a block (thus making it into a legal Ca 10 rounder). Just like a Ca Legal Ar with a 10/30 mag.

But if it's illegal (for ca), than I guess its back to the mag it's sold with.