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07-26-2010, 10:52 PM
i'm thinking about buying a meopta k-dot but have some questions.

is there a reticule when it's not on or is it just a red dot with hash marks?
what size is the dot?
How clear is the glass and can you shoot with both eyes open on 4x?

thanks for any input

07-27-2010, 4:22 AM
Hey there,
Got your note and saw this post, so figured I'd just reply here.

Per your note, are you primarily thinking about using it as a 3-gun optic? The Meopta is definitely a great 3-gun optic.

It is a conventional scope, 1x-4x variable.

The reticle is typical, it's black without illumination and all lit red when illumination is on. The dot is 2MOA. Here are exact dimensions of the reticle:

The glass is very clear, and I shoot it both eyes open from 1x all the way to 4x.

Some pros/cons of the Meopta:

+ The Meopta's 1x is very close to true 1x -- mount the gun and pan from side to side at 1x. You'll see a little distortion as you track but it is really very very good. Compare to a TR24, and you'll see more distortion with the Accupoint as you pan.

+ This combined with reasonable eye relief and very bright illuminated reticle makes the Meopta very fast at 1x -- either as fast as or almost as fast as a red dot. Both eyes open, snap to the target and the bright red dot is right there... press the shot.

+ Did I mention how bright the illumination is? Even in the brightest sunlight it's plenty bright. And that makes it fast. I know some shooters say they are very effective with non-illuminated reticles, and I'm sure they are -- I'd just argue they'd be even faster with daytime-visible illumination! Accupoint aside, I don't think any other optics can touch it until you get to $2000+.

+ The reticle is simple and effective for 3-gun engagements. The dot is a good size at 2MOA. The hash mark functions extremely well for holdovers on typical 3-gun targets, providing reference points out to 400 yds. Look below for details on this.

+ Great glass, good FOV

- Short battery life (80 hrs, IIRC). I turn mine on/off for each stage though, and I'm still on the original set of batteries. As a side note, the acclaimed S&B Short Dot reportedly has battery life of ~100 hours...

- Not great for dialing in your shots, no zero stop/resetting the knobs/etc.

- Reticle not really designed for ranging per se (though you can use the 9, 12, and 24 MOA references for rough ranging), no wind hold off references

- Little bulky & heavy but that's not really a big deal to me. Not sure how bombproof the optic is...

- The illuminated reticle is so bright that the lowest setting can actually be too bright for low light use, and can overpower your night vision.

There are other considerations that are common for all conventional scopes as well, if you are weighing for general purpose/defensive use. e.g. not as good as red dots for unconventional positions and shooting from support side. (but the bright reticle helps a lot)

Note there is a new version of the Meopta K-Dot coming supposedly late this year timeframe. Some people saw them at the last Shot Show, it has a different reticle with chevrons as hold over points. Not sure what load it is calibrated for but apparently it's designed for a 100yd zero which is not how I'm set up. The built in front sun shade is also shortened.

I've finally got my set up dialed in and at the last match I was one-shotting the 10" flashers from 175 out to 375 yds, so this is a very effective set up if you do your part. I screwed up lots of other aspects of the match, but at least I did well on the long range! ;)

Hold overs with Meopta K-Dot reticle:

55 gr zeroed at 200 yds
References for typical 10" steel flasher used in 3-gun matches

Use the dot to aim at 0 to ~325 yards
Use the post to aim at 325+ yards

0-25 yards: Dot at top of the target
25-250 yards: Dot at center of target
275 yards: High 8 ball (envision what an 8 ball looks like with the number up high, aim there)
300 yards: Center of the Dot at the top of the target

Now use the post to aim (envision a lollipop with the round steel target and the post below it)
325 yards: Outside lollipop or 6 O'Clock hold
350 yards: Insert post into lollipop
400 yards: Post at top of target

And credit to the shooters on BEnos where I learned how to use my Meopta effectively!

07-29-2010, 11:19 PM
The glass is outstanding. I put it there with a Zeiss, IOR, and other Euro glass. The RET is always there and the daytime bright illumination is very well done.

There are a lot of good 1-4x out there but I will say for the price this is one of the best.

If we can be of help in getting you one feel free to ask.

Mike @ CST

08-07-2010, 11:07 AM
I've used the scope for the last 2 years in 3-Gun and it's plenty durable as I beat the crap out of my rifles. They're tools after all.

No need for dialing given the purpose of the scope and that's for <500m. To a 200 yard zero at the top of the dot and you're fine with a good 223/5.56 load (I use 69gr. SMK's crankin' kinda fast).

It's a little heavy, but not grossly sow. On my Larue SPR-E mount it's rock solid and the only mod I did to the setup was add a 3GunStuff Cat Tail or quicker adjustment of the magnification.

One nice feature is the off settings in between light intensity settings. If on a competition rig, you find the appropriate intensity and then click back or forth, whichever you prefer to preserve the battery.

The horizontal stadia and glass quality is really what makes it for me on this scope. Yeah, you can use lower dollar scopes to do the same job, but seeing with quality glass is always just better when you can do it.

I love this scope and completely recommend it to anyone. When you get it...get it from Mike at CS Tactical (above). Straight up honest guy that will take care of you.