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07-26-2010, 9:22 AM

07-26-2010, 9:36 AM
9x18 is about ten bucks from ammo to go, cheaper than .380 now.

07-26-2010, 9:42 AM
I found some for $8.32 a box. I also get a dealer discount tho.

07-26-2010, 5:08 PM
The Bulgarian and East German mak is a direct copy of the original soviet Makarov. There are two types of Russian Maks. The original fired the 9x18 round and commands a high price around $400 and up. The newer maks from Russia go for much cheaper and because of their double stacked mags, are know to not be as reliable as the originals. An Orginal Mak will have a circle with a split triangle inside, a Bulgarian mak will have a 10 inside a circle and an East German Mak will have a circle inside a diamond. All three "originals" , (East German , Soviet, and Bulgarian) will fire the 9x18 round and are very reliable and accurate. The newer Russian mak, known as the Izh-70 can fire either the 9x18 or 9x17 round. A new batch of Bulgarians have been imported and are going for around $250. The East German is thought to be the best of them all and goes for $400 and up.

That being said... I still like my Maks and would never depart from them.

07-26-2010, 5:22 PM
I've had the opportunity to shoot a Makarov on a couple occassions now. While I didn't find anything special about it, there wasn't anything that stood out in terms of poor quality or unreliability either. It is what it is... sort of the Mosin of the handgun world.

07-26-2010, 5:56 PM
I have the opportunity to pick up a Russian Mak from a local gun shop that is there on consignment. I cant remember the markings to see what it is worth but it is in pretty good condition and it is going for $225.00. Is this a good price for this pistol. I have been looking for one at a good price and I think this might be the one. They also have a Bulgarian Mak $325.00 and a CZ Mak for 325.00. Any thoughts on this deal and what to look out for?

Good price on that Russian. What caliber is it, 9x18Makarov or .380? The Russians came in both. Adjustable sites or fixed? rule of thumb is that fixed sites are milsurp (and C&R) while those with adjustable sites are not. There's no such thing as a "CZ Mak" but there are CZ-82's which do fire the 9x18Mak round, these are neat little pistols but don't share any parts in common with a Makarov.