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07-25-2010, 4:53 PM
Back in the late 1800's when Wyatt Earp was running Dodge City, the law was that you had to check your firearms upon entering the city limits. How long did that last and did the people stand for it? Just wondering if anyone knows about the details of this time period and firearms being banned in city limits stuff.

I was just watching Wyatt Earp with Kevin Costner and it got me wondering.

07-25-2010, 7:49 PM
Well after finishing the movie, I now think Wyatt Earp was one of the first major gun grabbing lawmen. In fact the whole shootout at the OK corral was started cause he went to disarm the cowboys. Sure they were there to fight but Earp went down there to take their guns away. He wasn't very liked by the local ranchers and cowboys.

07-25-2010, 8:31 PM
anyone who gave up their firearms at the city line- made themselves an easy target for anyone who held onto theirs...

07-25-2010, 11:19 PM
History is written by the winners.
Wyatt Earp was a winner.
Reality is Wyatt Earp was a thug, pimp, and murder that occasional wore a badge.
The shootout at the "OK Corral" came about because his faction was at war with another faction over control of gambling & prostitution in Tombstone.
The media made him into the legend that he is.

07-25-2010, 11:26 PM
just another gun grabbing politician. Tombstone is still a great movie though....

07-26-2010, 12:27 AM
I think the Star Trek version of the OK Corral is still the best. :)

07-26-2010, 7:36 AM
FWIW.... in Dodge City it wasn't the town limits, it was the "deadline".

The city passed an ordinance that guns could not be worn or carried north of the "deadline" which was the railroad tracks. The south side where "anything went" was wide open.

Source. (http://www.visitdodgecity.org/index.aspx?NID=66)

Virgil Earp, not Wyatt, was the city marshal of Tombstone (and simultaneously a deputy US marshal according to some sources) who got the city council to pass a no carry within the town limits ordinance in 1881. Once the ball was about to start Virgil swore Wyatt in.

Tombstone ordinance. (http://www.law.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/earp/ordinances.html)