View Full Version : Need some help/parts with my Sig 225.

07-23-2010, 4:33 PM
Hi guys, I picked up my 225 earlier this week and love it. However, I ran in a bit of trouble. The slide breech outer pin was broken, and for the strange reason the new design outer/inner pin (#34221600/34221650) will not fit on my 225.

So I'm looking for the older style, none "teethed" flat sheet metal roll pin. If anyone have a set spare, and willing to part it out, please let me know as soon as you can. I'm willing to pay for the reasonable price and shipping fee off course.

Here is the tread I post on SF.


Thanks. :helpsmilie:

07-23-2010, 5:07 PM
Did you need the outer or inner?

Midway has This one for the outer:


Or you can Try

Total Automation

They might be able to refabricate you one if you send the old one back.