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07-23-2010, 7:48 AM
Looking for a solid green laser for my DDM4. Would like to pay about 100-150. If there is one that has a flashlite combo that would be even better. Any recommendations?

07-23-2010, 9:57 AM
Was thinking about one of these. Seem pretty cheap but decent as a home defense. It seems like this is the best I am going to find unless I want to pay more than $200. Any comment???



07-23-2010, 10:44 AM
before anyone else gives you Sh*t, those might be OK for plinking/range time.

But i wouldnt seriously consider UTG and home defense in the same sentence, especially if we're talking about illumination. The laser might not hold zero, and possibly other problems.

unless you're set on a laser for the cool factor, i think something like this is more appropriate for HD.


07-23-2010, 11:34 AM

What about a good quality laser. I wont give a price range because i dont really know it but I am going looking for a quality laser on the low end of the quality price range.

07-23-2010, 11:43 AM
Maybe ill start with that light. They have three options and they all seem to offer the same thing but are different prices.




Is any one much better than another?

Matt P
07-23-2010, 2:06 PM
There are other important aspects of lasers that go beyond a secondary aiming system.

I and many others would never encourage a laser as a primary aiming tool. Too slow to find the light in a background that is not just a wall. In daylight, again almost in-effective due to difficulty in picking up the dot.
Where they shine tho, is a force projection that is accomplished by merely pushing a button.
In your home, all you have to do is shine that light down a hallway or such when things go bump in the night. Generally, anyone who is there and shouldnt be, will assume that there is a firearm attached to the other end.
So, I just projected that I am armed, without racking a slide, or shouting out who or what I am. (Young child, woman, frail man)
This in my little opinion is the value of a laser. Force projection with the push of a button.
Anything you can do to get that threat to leave your home without firing a shot, is always what you should want.
There are other reasons to want a laser also. Those generally would have more of a application in LE/military work.
Another aspect of what a laser can do is help you orientate (sp?) a weapon in low light to a threat.
Having been on a range in low light, and tried a simple test of three targets with at least 2 rounds on each. No light/laser, then light only, then light and laser. I was easily faster with hits on target using the laser to help me get the weapon pointed in the general direction before my eyes went to the sights.
Simple test for me, and validated to me a use beyond just force projection.

Some may say you shouldnt rely on too much technology/batteries. I train sights always first when throwing rounds down range. As for my reliance, I'm okay with it. Its my desire to overwhelm any individual bent on forcing his will upon me. I want that "Oh poop factor, what did I just get myself into with this guy" when I respond with my lawfully carried defensive handgun.

So there you have it, some other considerations for having a laser on a defensive weapon. There is more to consider with their value then a secondary sighting system.

All the above just my opinion.

07-23-2010, 2:47 PM

Also, take a low light shooting course and you will see those properly employing lasers dominating the class.