View Full Version : Looking for someone with UDE Magpul stuff, I need your help.

07-22-2010, 1:45 AM

I'm looking for someone with a UDE furniture set on their AR.
I would like to Duracoat something UDE that isn't offered in UDE to match your set.
Something like a AFG, or VFG of some kind.

I would ask that you pay the shipping on the item, and I'll Duracoat it for free.
I don't have UDE anything but I do have some Duracoat that matches. I need an example for my portfolio. I prefer this example to be featured on a complete rifle.

If you're interested, send me the item and I'll paint for free. There has to be someone out there that wants something UDE that isn't commercially available.
Once you get it back, please take a picture of it on your AR with your OEM UDE furniture and send the pic my way. I would appreciate this.

Hit me up here on the forum.:)

Thanks for looking, and thanks for the help!