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07-21-2010, 10:30 PM
I need some help from you guys. My brother is about to have a baby and so I'm going to be traveling to Ohio to see my family and the new baby. From there, we're going to drive to Illinois to visit my wife's family and then fly back from Peoria to LAX.

I want to take one or two of my pistols back with me to the family farm to shoot with my brothers and I want to make sure it's legal to do so. I know I can legally transport them in CA and on a plane by locking them, unloaded, in a hard case and locking that inside my bag. Also, I know that Ohio has really relaxed firearm laws, so I'm not worried about there. My question is if I'll have an issue trying to get back on a plane in Peoria IL with a gun.

I checked on www.handgunlaw.us and they said:

Q. If a non-resident is coming to Illinois to hunt and would like to bring their firearm, how do they legally transport it?

A. Non- residents must be legally eligible to possess or acquire firearms and ammunition in their state of residence. It is recommended that, in order to be in compliance with all statutes, non-residents transport all firearms:

Unloaded, and Enclosed in a case, and Not immediately accessible or broken down in a nonfunctioning state.

But I wanted to make sure that this is the same for being in airports in IL. Not to seem overly paranoid, but it seems like IL hates guns and I don't want to end up on the wrong side of some backwards law.

If anyone one who knows for sure could chime in, I'd really appreciate it!


07-21-2010, 11:44 PM
My Google-Fu is strong:


In short, it says unloaded, in a locked case, but it also says to check with the community you'll be passing through. Call the city government in Peoria, explain to them what you want to do.

Also check with the airline you'll be flying; all of them have slightly different procedures. Generally, you have to declare that you have a firearm. Some policies I've read said that you must demonstrate the firearm is unloaded, but I've never had to do this. I think I flew on American once, and they just wanted me to be there while they X-rayed the case, so that I could open it if the need arose.

Knowing Kalifornia as I do (I'm originally from Ohio) I'm more afraid to get on a plane out of SFO with my guns, I haven't tried that adventure yet.

07-22-2010, 12:01 AM
I'm originally from Ohio. Comparing gun laws in Ohio to CA makes me want to reenact that exorcist scene with the spinning head and pea soup...

07-22-2010, 9:58 AM
Thanks guys, I'll contact the Peoria airport to make sure everything will be okay.

@Arondos, The last time I purchased a new gun was in Ohio before I move here. It was so much easier, I walked in, picked out a gun, did the background check over the phone, and walked out with my gun in hand. Those free states do have something to be said for them! And it's "Shall Issue" too!

07-22-2010, 10:14 AM
Former IL resident. You only have to worry about Chicago and a few suburbs with handguns. No assault weapons in Cook county.

Peoria area and anywhere south of I-80 is gun tolerant. Just keep the guns locked, unloaded, and preferably in the trunk.

07-22-2010, 5:18 PM
yeah, what phil said. Also, be aware, they have been doing major construction at Peoria's airport, so getting to the terminal might be a bit of a chore, depending on how far along they are with their work. plan ahead just in case.

07-22-2010, 7:03 PM
One thing to remember it you cant buy ammo in Ill with out one of there handgun cards i went to school in great lakes and could not buy any ammo. Might have just been the store i went to but just something to think about.

I have traveled across country and as long as your handgun is lock in a container unloaded with ammo in separte contain not in magazine you are fine. covers just about any gun laws you could come buy.

07-23-2010, 12:31 AM
I remembered one more thing, when flying with your gun do not sure the TSA locks. you must be the only one that has a key to access your firearm. check the websites because most airlines make you state at check in you are checking in a firearm so they can tag. hope this help.

07-23-2010, 9:12 AM
So, I should use TSA lock on the bag itself, but a real lock on the gun case inside the bag?