View Full Version : Did you all here about this raid in LA?

04-19-2006, 6:32 AM
Heard about this from one of my coworkers this morning, who saw it on the news last night.

Authorities announced Tuesday that they discovered nearly 900 firearms hidden in secret panels, under floors and behind walls in an upscale home in the foothills of Upland.


This can't bode well for legal gun owners. If you look at the pictures you'll see a shotgun looking thing with a rotary magazine, several silenced weapons, plenty of real "assault" weapons (as far as PRK is concerned).

He even had an underground range.

p.s. I give this an overall thumbs down because this is just going to make the gungrabbers jump up and down, but I am pleased that these weapons won't make it into the hands of BGs now, or at least not for a while...

04-19-2006, 6:36 AM
Here's a Google link to several articles about this incident (including the link I posted above):


04-19-2006, 6:43 AM
Already discussed.