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07-20-2010, 5:57 PM
Hello all-
I'm seeking some info on a revolver I recently inherited. The only info I've gathered is that ammo is NOT cheap and not very easy to come by. I'm curious what she is worth, where to find decently priced ammo, when it was possibly made etc etc etc. All the basics.

I put an expensive 6 rounds down range with it and she fired flawlessly and was surprisingly accurate.

Manufacturer: S&W
model: 57-1
cal.: 41 mag

Thanks in advance for any and all knowledge passed on

07-20-2010, 6:44 PM
The S&W 41 is build on the "N" frame, which for a long time was the largest frame S&W made. Until the "X" frame guns came out. The Model 57 is not as popular as the Model 29 which is a 44 mag, as you pointed out the ammo is not cheap. Reloading is the only way to shoot this gun cheaply. The value will run between $550 - $750. My guess yours will be about $6-650.

07-20-2010, 8:47 PM
Does it have the box? Case? Any accessories? This will all add or subtract from the value.


07-20-2010, 10:06 PM
You've got a real gem there, the four inch 57 is less common than the longer tubes and is incredibly handy for carry in the field, sporting or protection. You should find that it's very well balanced and a superb shooter. The Pachmayr Gripper handles that are on it will give a nice cushion and a solid grip.

.41 Mag is a great round, but as suggested, is best left for a reloader. Factory ammo for it is out there, but there isn't a great variety of bullet weights or velocity and availability can be spotty. The round itself is capable of great accuracy, I've owned a couple of guns in that caliber, and will hit just as hard as any .44 when loaded properly. It is in many ways a reloader's dream revolver cartridge as the possibilities to tinker and dial it in are almost limitless.

Don't see any appreciable turn ring on the cylinder so it apparently hasn't had a huge amount of use. Is it possible that it may have been re-finished? Being a 57-1 dates it to sometime 1982 or after, as that was when the -1 was launched. The first few characters in the serial number would help to narrow down the date closer.

Without the original grips, papers, tools, box or any extras you've got a really good shooter. Being a -1 the often preferred chamber counter bore and barrel pinning are not present which takes away a bit. If the gun was indeed refinished, that would take a bit more away. Without a closer examination I'd have to largely agree with the $550 - $750 range.