View Full Version : Own Sig P228 and P6, should I get the Turners 2022?

07-19-2010, 8:43 PM
So the $400 Turners price on the SigPro has me seriously considering buying one. But since I already own a P228 and P6, I wonder if I will mostly just get more of the same in polymer. SP2022 will be lighter (polymer) and has a little more height compared to P228. I really like Sigs so the 2022 has me interested as a good deal on another one. The 2 things holding me back (aside from lack of a money tree in the back yard are): 1. Does 2022 have any real upside over P228 (or will I still end up shooting P228 all the time while 2022 mostly hangs out in safe) and 2. Would it be better to spend a little more and pick up a G17/G19 as the classic polymer pistol (I don't own any Glocks at the moment)?

07-19-2010, 9:03 PM
I have p228, p229, p226, and p225 (not p6) and I still bought a p2022 as a "beater" for range shooting. For $400, it's cheaper than a Glock, and if it breaks, just sent back to repair under "Sig life time warranty."

07-19-2010, 9:23 PM
that is a killer price on the SigPro. if you want a striker fired poly gun, i'd recommend a S&W M&P as an upgrade to the Glock

07-20-2010, 7:57 PM
9mmepiphany, thanks for the feedback. Why M&P instead of the Glock?

And I still haven't decided yet but leaning towards NOT buying the Sig right now.

07-20-2010, 8:13 PM
If price is an issue, then the Sig deal is really hard to beat. If it isn't or you are able to save a few more pennies, go with a platform that works for you.

The Sig Pro has a proprietary rail like the HK USP line which will incur another cost for an adaptor if you decide to run a weapon light. Not a huge issue with the money that you are saving though.

The choices are endless for the consumer right now. Try them all at the range and figure out what works for you. I used to own a SW MP9, but went back to the Glock platform. Nothing wrong with the MP line as it caters to those that need better fitment than the Glock, but Glock just works for me with ease of service, cleaning and available parts, especially if you shoot 500-1000rds a week. Springs and other items get replaced twice a year for preventative maintenance. If fitment is not an issue for you, I'd go with a G19 or 17 - they are not beauty queens, but they are so darn easy to shoot fast and accurate.

All in all it will come down to what you can shoot well.

07-20-2010, 8:17 PM
let me first say that i grew up with the 1911 and usually teach with a Sig 220/226, but i also carry a Glock 19 that i have no intention of selling anytime soon.

i've found that the M&P has better overall ergos and the new Apex Tactical action parts give it a better trigger for less money. i'm indifferent to the grip angle issue between the European fencing angle Vs. the American plow/saw handle angle