View Full Version : Need help with roster interpretation

07-19-2010, 4:28 PM
Is the Springfield TRP operator half rail certified for CA? The model number is PC9105LP, however the roster listed a PC9105LCA.

I did a search and I learned that the P stands for package. So if CA for the state, does that mean there are TRP's that are non-CA legal?

Appreciate any help.

07-19-2010, 7:06 PM
Malmon, someone more well versed than me may have more input, but from my understanding, it has to be exactly as it is on the roster. So with regards to shipping, I don't believe you'd be able to. As far as legality, I don't know. Hope that helps.

For example, I have an off-list S&W Model 10-9 that I got via face-to-face. Went through PPT just fine.

07-19-2010, 8:02 PM
I did a google search on PC9105LCA and found on old Buds listing showing a full rail and stating it was California legal. I recall seeing Springfield XD listings showing CA, but that really indicated they were shipping with 10 round magazines, which should not apply in this case. Having said that, I looked on the labels of my boxes that my XD's came in, none have a suffix of CA.

Don't ya just love this state?

Aha, just found this link:

The TRP FULL Rail is legal, and the CA suffix makes it a Full length rail.
Like I said, ya gotta love this state. What a crock!